Emmerdale spoilers tease killer Meena’s sick plan to murder love rival Victoria

Obsessive Meena Jutla has been causing havoc in Emmerdale for several months but over the last few weeks she has become fixated on farmer's daughter Victoria Sugden.

But next week, Emmerdale Spoilers can reveal that killer Meena will plan her next victim after she realises something could be brewing between Victoria and her partner David Metcalfe.

None the wiser with what Meena has in store, Victoria feels distraught when she tells her David wants her to stay away from him.

However, Victoria doesn't take the hint and is keen to understand what’s going on with Meena and David, despite David's plea.

Later on, Victoria quietly slips into Farrers but is left confused and taken aback when she realises that David's bed is empty.

But Victoria's astonishment is short-lived when she hears someone entering David's home.

Feeling panicked, Victoria tries to run and hide but unfortunately Meena, who entered through the door, catches her red handed.

Trapped in the room, deviant Meena starts to unbutton Victoria's blouse "for David" and Victoria is forced to reveal herself.

But when David returns and discovers what's going on, he is fuming and tells her not to come back until she’s sorted herself out.

Despite David's harsh words towards Victoria, later on in the week, when everyone starts to turn up at the base camp for the survival challenge, David covertly confesses his love to Victoria.

But unbeknownst to the pair Meena was lurking in the background and heard every word of the confession.

Hearing the pair reveal their love for each, Meena is raging and sets a plan in motion to murder Victoria.

Earlier this year, Meena brutally killed Leanna Cavanagh in cold blood.

However, no one in the village is aware that Meena has killed the young teen and she seems to have covered her tracks seamlessly so far.

But now that her sights are firmly fixated on Victoria, will she be able to get away with it a second time round or will her evil ways finally come to an end?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm

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