Emmerdale’s Meena downfall ‘sealed’ as Manpreet’s amnesia scheme comes to light

Emmerdale viewers were left in awe of killer Meena Jutla's sister Manpreet Sharma after she tricked her sister into believing she doesn't remember anything about her murderous ways.

And they believe this could finally be the key to getting justice for Meena's victims.

Manpreet was seen alive but unconscious in her hospital bed after being injured in the explosion that rocked The Woolpack.

However when she woke up and saw her sister at the foot of her bed her heart rate rapidly increased setting off the monitors surrounding her, and it seemed that she possibly knew everything that had happened.

Desperate to keep her quiet Meena waited until she was alone with her sister and produced a syringe that she began attaching to her cannula to try and feed into her drip with the intention of killing her.

But it was at that moment that Manpreet woke up and began talking to her sister – and had apparently lost her memory.

Manpreet was seen discussing what had happened with Meena as she admitted that she really didn't remember much – if anything – at all.

Quick-thinking Meena then rapidly detached the syringe and the mystery lethal liquid inside it and hid it away before anyone noticed.

Apparently believing that her sister had no recollection of the explosion or events leading up to it she even told her how she had a miscarriage of a baby Manpreet now knows truthfully never existed.

She then promised her sister she would look after her before stepping out of the room.

At that point, a nurse walked in to check Manpreet's vitals and told her not to worry about things being difficult to remember as he referenced her close bond with her sister leaving her looking perplexed.

Manpreet then revealed the truth that she is faking her amnesia as she responded admitting that she remembers everything about her sister.

Viewers then took to Twitter to air their concerns for Manpreet as they admitted feeling it was time for Meena to meet her comeuppance.

One wrote: "Considering what's happened Manpreet should realistically be asking for police already, or at least tell the doc."

Another tweeted: "Manpreet pretending not to remember events as a self-preservation tactic."

A third added: "Manpreet might be awake but just what if anything does she actually remember? Probably safer if she acts like she doesn't remember a single thing, for her own sake if nothing else."

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV.

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