Fate the Winx Saga star confesses she was holding a secret from everybody throughout the s

Fate: The Winx Saga teaser released by Netflix

Fate: The Winx Saga has already established itself as one of the most popular Netflix shows of 2021, with a huge number of fans flocking to it because of its beautiful portrayal of female friendships. However, it seems like one of the stars had to keep a secret from the rest of the girls while filming. Musa actress Elisha Applebaum has revealed what she kept hidden. 

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Fate: The Winx Saga star Elisha opened up about what it was like to play such an emotional character like Musa. 

Musa’s powers are completely new and original compared to her counterpart in the original Winx Club cartoon. 

In the Netflix series, Musa is a mind fairy with the power to read the emotions of everyone around her. 

However, Elisha herself went through quite the emotional rollercoaster while filming the show. 

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“The most emotional moment for Musa was also the most emotional moment for me,” said Elisha. 

“Her power was in the secret that her mom had passed, so giving it up to Terra was really emotional.

“It was a burden for me carrying that through the series because it was like a secret I was holding from everybody,” said Elisha. 

“And then the hug as well, receiving a hug after dropping that massive bomb.

“It’s great to talk about things and I think that’s the message Musa gave out to myself and to the audience.”

While Musa and Terra (played by Eliot Salt) had a bit of a rocky start, they became much closer once Musa started dating Terra’s brother Sam (Jacob Dudman) and had to come clean to her roommate about the romance.

Ultimately Musa trusted Terra with her deepest secret about her mother, but it wasn’t easy for Elisha’s character. 

The nature of her character being that of an empath, it posed some particular challenges for Elisha on set.

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“When being on set and trying to get everybody else’s emotions, you have to remember who’s in the room and what these other characters are like,” said the star. 

“It’s just finding out each person’s quirk and going ‘Okay, if I were Musa how far away would I stand? And what’s it like being in the room with them?’”

However, with one character no amount of distance would have been enough.

Elisha explained: “Terra is very wild and anxious a lot. So every time Musa is with Terra, Musa tries not to be around her.”

At the end of season one, viewers left Bloom (Abigail Cowen), Stella (Hannah Van der Westhuysen), Aisha (Precious Mustapha), Musa and Terra as they return to Alfea College to find Rosalind (Lesley Thorp) had taken over as headmistress. 

The fairies still don’t know that Farah Dowling (Eve Best) is dead but with Stella’s mother Queen Luna (Kate Fleetwood) showing support to Rosalind, it’s likely they will need to power up their magic to be able to defeat them. 

Looking forward to season two, Elisha said that from Musa, fans can continue to expect “the straight lace, ‘I’m going to tell you how it is’ sort of energy”.

She also teased: “I think you can probably expect her to learn how to use her powers a bit more and fight a bit more.

Fate: The Winx Saga is available on Netflix now.

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