Faye forgets one major thing as she exits Corrie as fans spot strange moment

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) said goodbye to her life in Coronation Street in Wednesday’s (May 25) edition of the ITV soap, ready to start again with Jackson (Joseph Evans) and their daughter, Miley.

After accepting that she had developed feelings for Jackson again, Faye wanted to move with the father and daughter to Slough, but Craig (Colson Smith) tried to stand in her way.

He did this by threatening to tell the police about her and Emma’s (Alexandra Mardell) hit and run last January, which resulted in an old man called Ted dying after they hit him with their car.

Craig covered for Faye which stopped her from going back to prison, but he used this to his advantage and said that if she left, she would tell the police everything.

Last night, reality started to hit Craig. He knew that Faye wanted to leave the cobbles with Jackson and Miley, later telling her that if she’ll be truly happy in Slough, then she should go.

With that, Faye packed up her bags, said goodbye to Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Gary (Mikey North) and was driven out of Weatherfield by her dad and absolutely didn’t forget anything major as she departed…right?


As we said goodbye to Faye, many Corrie fans couldn’t help but realising she seemingly forgot all about her job in Underworld.

‘Is it me or did Faye forget to resign from her job before departing or is she intending on commuting?’, one fan question.

‘It was just so, so emotional. I think you do see that there’s two people here who do love each other but there are so many other factors. Love isn’t always enough, and I think you can definitely see that in that scene.’

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