‘Game Over!’ Top Gear stars tease ‘horrendous’ chilli challenge in new series

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Top Gear is returning to BBC with a new series that sees Chris Harris, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness take on a wide range of motoring-themed tasks. The trio are back behind the wheel as the new series premieres on BBC One this Sunday. In a recent interview with Express.co.uk and other press, the presenters teased what fans can expect to see in the new episodes of the show.

The Top Gear presenters opened up about an upcoming challenge on the show that sees them tasting extremely chilli peppers while attempting to drive the fastest laps around a course.

When asked about the chilli challenge, Paddy confessed he didn’t do too well but his co-stars were fierce competitors.

He said: “You know those people when you go to a curry house and there’s always a couple of people who say ‘I can eat something hotter than you’ – that’s these two.

“I am a chicken korma man, literally brown sauce is too hot for me, right?” Paddy admitted.

The presenter revealed he enjoyed watching Chris and Freddie attempt to outdo each other with their chilli eating.

However, he made it clear he knew he was never going to win the task: “I had one bite at the bird’s eye chilli and that was me done, game over.

“And half of the stuff with I didn’t make it in the edit but we were all struggling – even you were struggling,” he added, pointing at Chris.

Chris hit back: “When someone’s eaten half a bird’s eye chilli and been defeated by it and then sits in the back of the car saying to Fred ‘Finish it you big Shandy!’ You’re thinking, ‘Hang on a minute from what position do you have the right to say that?’

“Then you remember it’s Paddy McGuinness,” he laughed.

Paddy joked: “It’s like watching two heavyweights go at it, you know, just sitting there enjoying the spectacle.”

“It was pretty horrendous and of course and without wanting to go into too much detail, there’s another part of the process you’ve got to deal with as well,” Chris confessed.

“Yeah, I did notice that with you two the day after,” Paddy laughed.

Freddie revealed the spice level was so intense he had to drink lots of milk to combat it, something he’d never normally do.

He said: “It’s the worst thing I’ve ever had. I’ve not drunk milk for eight years, but I couldn’t get enough of it.

“It was awful and then that night… I’m not even gonna go into it,” Freddie remarked.

Paddy added: “I’m still not sure what that actual challenge was. Everything went out the window.”

“It was just a ‘nail the presenters’ challenge and it worked, it really did work,” Chris commented.

The first episode of the new series kicks off on Sunday and sees the presenters take on an F1 challenge.

The trip will be getting back behind the wheel in a race against Formula One drivers Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris, and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Top Gear series 31 premieres Sunday November 14 at 8 pm on BBC One.

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