GB News’ Kirsty Gallacher scolds Simon McCoy over ‘harsh’ insult ‘Move on!’

Simon McCoy mocks GB News guest over his shirt

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Kirsty Gallacher was joined by GB News’ Simon McCoy for Monday’s edition of the Great British Breakfast. The presenting duo was joined by Scottish comedian Leo Kearse to discuss the day’s headlines but Kirsty was forced to scold her co-star when he mocked the GB News guest. 

Leo was asked how he felt about young people being bribed to have coronavirus jabs with “vouchers for vaccines” that will give them money off Uber rides and takeaways. 

The comedian joked that if people wait long enough they may be offered a car to get the jab.

Speaking out on his own experience with Covid, Leo said: “The hangover that I’m experiencing today was worse than coronavirus. 

“I felt rough for a few days and my sense of taste went a bit weird.”

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Simon quipped: “Your sense of taste could come back and you could get a new shirt.”

Leo was stunned while Kirsty remarked: “That was a low blow.”

“Was that a bit of harsh?” Simon questioned and Leo hit back: “You look like a Barclays bank manager.”

Simon saw the funny side of the comment before Kirsty urged: “Let’s move on.”

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