GMB’s Susanna Reid makes subtle dig at Phillip Schofield after queuing fury

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Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid spoke of the "privilege" she felt after joining the queue to pay their respect at the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall.

The news broadcaster and her mum queued for seven hours to file past the coffin of Her Majesty who had been lying in state ahead of her funeral later today (September 19).

It comes after Susanna's ITV colleagues, This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby faced backlash after they were filmed walking past queuing mourners outside Westminster Hall.

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The pair had been accused of skipping the queue after many celebrities including Susanna and David Beckham queued for hours.

During the historic episode of Good Morning Britain, hours before the Queen's state funeral, Susanna spoke to her co-anchor Ben Shephard about her experience queuing on the streets of London.

She said: "It is an enormous privilege to have been able to do that, to spend time paying our last respects, but also those hours in the queue as well, coming to an end now.

"You can see the emotion etched on people's faces, I think almost the fact they are the last in the queue," before Ben added: "It's going to resonate further."

He added: "It's huge commitment, when we were talking and you were in the queue I think for seven hours and 20 minutes in total with your mum and a friend.

"So very emotional that you could be together and we had that over and over again from people that met like-minded people that just wanted to feel connected in the queue.

"When you do anything like that and endeavour because it really is an endeavour to stay that long for this moment, you can understand why, for some, they are overwhelmed with emotion."

Susanna went on to say: "Whether you are religious or not, a royalist or not, it feels like a sort of pilgrimage, and a historic moment, a historic opportunity."

The Strictly Come Dancing star appeared to take a subtle swipe at Phillip, saying: "When I was in the queue, young children, patiently and uncomplainingly stood for hours.

"I was so proud of my mum at 81 queuing with me."

Phillip and Holly had been filmed by mourners being ushered past the queue with many accusing them of skipping the queue.

ITV have since said: "This Morning had press accreditation and like other media, Phillip and Holly were escorted to work from the press gallery by government staff.

"They did not file past The Queen's coffin. They were there alongside a host of other broadcasters and national press outlets for an item that will be broadcast on Tuesday's show.

"Any allegations of improper behaviour are categorically untrue."

The pair faced calls from viewers for them to be sacked from their role on This Morning after they were seen to be walking in ahead of the queuing public.


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