Holby City viewers horrified as 'vindictive' Dom Copeland lies to get Sacha Levy fired – then takes his place

HOLBY City viewers were left furious on Tuesday’s episode as Dominic Copeland took his cruel vendetta to the next level – and got Sacha Levy fired. 

Dom, played by David Ames, is still out for revenge after the car crash in February left him with a stoma bag. 

Seeing his opportunity to further lash out, Dom cornered Henrik Hanssen and lied to him, claiming Sacha had attempted to illegally operate on him to remove the stoma without his consent. 

Viewers of the show know this is a complete lie – as Sacha has attempted (and failed to complete) the surgery after pressure from Dom, who had guilted him into taking action. 

“Sacha attempted to perform a stoma reversal procedure on me here, in secret,” he claimed. 

“I came in with a suspected bowel abscess and instead he performed a reverse ileostomy on me with Ange.” 

“Did you not give your consent? Doesn't sound like Sacha to me,” Henrik said. 

“Doesn’t sound like the old Sacha, but ever since Essie passed, he’s changed. You know that, or you wouldn’t be down here,” Dom rationalised. 

“He’s become reckless and if he’s able to do that to me, who knows what else he’s capable of?”

With that, Sacha removed him from the position of clinical lead. 

While Ange attempted to cover-up the claim, stating that Dom still had his stoma bag, Sacha eventually took the fall to protect the others involved. 

Suspended until further notice, Sacha was left to go home alone, while Dom quickly moved in to his office. 

Because in another twist, Dom has been given the clinical lead position in Sacha’s place. 

Horrified viewers demanded justice for Sacha, who was left devastated by the betrayal after the lengths he went to to help Dom after the accident.

Holby City airs Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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