Holly Willoughby ‘keen to move on’ as ITV fan asks Josie Gibson for autograph

This Morning star Holly Willoughby was caught in an awkward moment when her co-star Josie Gibson was asked for her autograph, with it appearing as though the presenter was keen to move on from the segment.

The 42-year-old teamed up with Big Brother icon, Josie, 38, for Monday's (October 2) instalment of the award-winning daytime programme and fans saw the return of Spin to Win. Answering the phone was Andy, who was helped by the TV duo after struggling to secure the extra prize.

After Holly and Josie shared several clues, Andy put in a request of his own. "Can I have your autograph Josie? I love you so much," he gushed over the phone as Josie replied: "You can have my autograph, Andy I love you."

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After analysing the interaction, celebrity body language expert Inbaal Honigman spoke exclusively to Daily Star and suggested Holly was keen to "keep things moving". Discussing Andy's win, Inbaal said: "Both Josie and Holly appeared thrilled beyond belief. Holly throwing her arms in the air in delight and apparent relief or perhaps disbelief, and Josie punching the air with both fists in a winning gesture.

"The fact that both presenters used two hands rather than one to demonstrate their joy, shows that they were both genuinely happy for the caller's win." The body language expert continued: "He then asks for Josie's autograph because, he says he 'loves her so much', and both ladies have quite different responses to his words – or do they?"

Inbaal suggested Josie's response to Andy wasn't completely truthful, adding: "Josie's eyebrows curl upwards in an 'awww' expression, but her head shakes from side to side when she says 'I love you' back to him, so her overall facial expression is warm, but the head shake tells us that the words of love aren't 100% truthful."

"Holly, on the other hand, pauses momentarily and looks to the side, which may give the impression that she's not sure how to process Josie's popularity, but that is not the case. First of all, her eyes dart to the right, which is an eye movement associated with positive emotions.

"And secondly, she then waves to the viewer with her whole hand, palm outwards, which is a gesture of honesty. When someone shows their hands, it means they have nothing to hide." She concluded: "Holly isn't envious of her co-host, but she is the more senior team member, and perhaps feels the responsibility to keep things moving."

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The "awkward" interaction was also picked up on by fans, who headed straight to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts. One person wrote: "ANDY: "Can I have your autograph, Josie? I love you so much." Holly standing there thinking 'what about my autograph' – AWKWARD. #ThisMorning @ThisMorning."

A second added: "Love how holly got snubbed just then no autograph off you #thismorning." Another viewer quipped: "Holly, he doesn’t want your autograph or say he loves you.. but, #ThisMorning," alongside a picture of Holly's infamous "are you OK?" monologue. While a fourth chipped in: "Andy just pretty much gave Holly a massive middle finger #ThisMorning."

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