How many episodes are in Batwoman season 2?

Batwoman: The CW release season two trailer

Superhero fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Batwoman after the show first launched in 2019. The CW programme proved popular among audiences but sadly actress Ruby Rose decided to step down from the title role. However, actress Javicia Leslie will be picking up the mantle of the character – has the low-down on the brand-new series and what to expect.

How many episodes are in Batwoman season 2?

Season two of Batwoman will premiere this evening on The CW in the US with Leslie debuting as character Ryan Wilder.

Wilder will be taking on Batwoman after Kate Kane (played by Rose) mysteriously disappears, leaving a gaping hole.

The CW has yet to confirm an episode count but the show will be airing on a weekly basis on the network.

Season one consisted of 20 episodes in total which were split in half with a midseason hiatus.

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The second outing is expected to follow suit with this format with two 10-episode blocks divided in half.

Each instalment will be available to stream on the CW app which is available on iOs, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and other platforms.

However, the coronavirus pandemic could impact on filming and how many episodes there are – much like a myriad of other American shows, which were cut short due to infection rates and lockdown in 2020.

There will be a wait for British fans hoping to catch the new series of Batwoman with E4 serving the UK home of the show.

Season one of Batwoman premiered in March 2020 in E4, months after the drama started airing Stateside.

Fans are likely to face a similar wait for the second outing this time around with Batwoman probably hitting E4 in summer 2021.

Once the show does make it to the UK, you can either watch episodes live as they’re aired on the channel or on catch up via Channel 4’s streaming platform All 4.

Batwoman was thrown into turmoil last year after Rose announced she was leaving but the producers found Leslie to step into her shoes.

Speaking about the challenges of the cast shake-up, series producer Caroline Dries said it was tricky trying to bring Leslie’s character into the show in a way which felt “organic” while staying true to the themes of the drama.

The executive producer said Kane’s exit from the series would be resolved and not left open-ended with fans getting the answers they deserved.

She explained to Deadline: “I will say, as a storyteller, this will be a lot of twists and turns.

“It will be a huge roller coaster for all of our characters and my hope is that it feels like a very awesome, satisfying resolve.”

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Compared to Kane, Leslie’s character will be an outsider without any familial connections to Batman and this world.

Leslie said her character was a “nobody” and “lost in the system”, which meant it was easier for her to become immersed in the world of Batwoman.

The actress explained: “It is the suit, but the person also has to be worthy to carry that legacy.

“And that’s kind of the journey that Ryan goes on because when she first gets the suit, like me, when I first got the job, you question whether or not you’re worthy of what this really represents and what this legacy means… you’ll find out whether or not she becomes worthy, but it’s really the journey of owning her Batwoman.”

Batwoman season 2 airs on The CW in America at 8/7c

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