Hugo Hammond claims Jake wanted to get to know Millie but scenes were cut

Hugo Hammond, who left Love Island after failing to find a real connection with someone, has taken to social media since his departure to weigh in on the latest show drama.

Hugo revealed on TikTok that he had suspicions about why a chat he had with Liberty was not aired.

The ex-Islander can be seen standing by a window with Adele’s Rolling in the Deep playing over the clip.

Hugo has included text on the video which reads: “When Lib pulls you for chats after Jakey wanted to get to know Millie but the show didn’t air it to protect ‘Jiberty’ and now this happens.”

He wrote in the caption: “Imagine what could have been.”

Hugo went on to clarify his comments saying: “I don’t actually know why it never got aired. But this is my assumption.”

Fans were left surprised by Hugo’s allegations as Liberty and Jake had been coupled up from day one, with Jake’s head not being turned in the infamous Casa Amor.

Jake and Liberty had become official four weeks ago, with him giving her a bracelet he had brought into the villa in case he met someone special.

But Jiberty hit a rocky patch after Liberty was shown a clip of Jake saying she didn’t make him want to "rip her clothes off".

Liberty felt like she could not do anything right for Jake and was left feeling upset.

Before she left she had a chat with Faye and said: “If I’m giving someone one hundred percent energy and I’m not getting it in return then I’d rather walk out of here Faye with my head held high knowing I stayed true to myself the whole way through.

“Even though I didn’t find love, I found self-love and I wouldn’t change myself for anyone, and I’m not saying Jake isn’t a genuine guy but he’s just not right for me.”

The pair decided to call it quits on Thursday night’s episode and made a shock decision to leave the villa in Friday’s episode.

While fans were left heartbroken at the revelation, the pair shared a final date on a luxury boat where they agreed to depart as friends.

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