I’m a body language expert and here’s proof Dami will make shock u-turn on Summer | The Sun

LOVE Island star Dami could still stay coupled up with Indiyah – and ditch Summer, despite snogging her.

The Dubliner shocked viewers when he snogged the new girl just one day into Casa Amor, but a body language boff thinks he might already be regretting his decision.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, expert Darren Stanton noted how different Dami’s reaction was while talking about the smooch, compared to Andrew when he was spilling the beans on Coco.

He explained:  “When Andrew was talking about his kiss with Coco to the boys, his whole face was engaged and his eyes were wide.

“He was flashing genuine enjoyment and was buzzing with the situation – however, when Dami disclosed that he had kissed Summer, we did not see any of the similar traits we saw in Andrew.

“Dami’s tone of voice was monosyllabic, staying at the same time and not changing in pitch like it usually would when someone is excited or genuinely happy.

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“His body language was instead still, suggesting he regrets what happened and he does feel that he has jeopardised things with Indiyah.”

The expert continued: “As a result, it would be surprising to see anything further happen between Dami and Summer.

“It seems his true intentions still lie with Indiyah and if anything, exploring a connection with Summer, has made Dami realise how he really feels about Indiyah.”

Dami's behaviour hasn't gone down well with those watching at home – or his fellow Islanders, either.

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The microbiologist had a huge bust up with Luca Bish following his kiss with Summer.

Luca, 23, insisted he wasn't interested in winning and wouldn't care if he and 19-year-old Gemma Owen left the villa, but Dami accused him of being fake.

He told Luca: "Just be real for once. You're fake, bro. You say one thing then do another thing."

Luca then appeared to question Dami's feelings for Indiyah – and it didn't go down well.

Dami said: "I just told you how I feel about Indiyah but you're trying to tell me I've done something wrong. I don't feel I've done anything wrong."

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