ITV Coronation Street’s Daniel actor Rob Mallard’s life from co-star ex to health condition

When it comes to Coronation Street characters, none have been more adored by fans than Daniel Osborne in recent years, as viewers continue to scream at their TV screens in the hopes of the character rumbling the truth about his cheating girlfriend.

As regular viewers will know, Daniel is currently in a relationship with his fiancée Daisy Midgeley, however behind his back, the sneaky barmaid has been embarking on an affair with Ryan Connor and continually gaslit Daniel into believing it was all in his head.

When Daniel began to suspect something was going on between the pair earlier this year, Ryan was forced to admit he had feelings for Daisy, after the pair had bonded over their shared trauma following a harrowing acid attack.

However, in a cruel twist, Daisy failed to admit that the feelings were reciprocated and never once mentioned that she had kissed and slept with Ryan – prompting Daniel to apologise to Daisy for not having believed her.

Daniel has since sold his late mum's home so he could buy his own place for himself, Daisy and his son Bertie, in the hopes of drawing a line under the situation, so that the young family could have a “new beginning”.

But in true soap fashion, nothing ever goes quite according to plan with Daniel having finally rumbled the truth about the affair in recent scenes.

Yet while Daniel may be living a dramatic life on screen, away from the cobbles actor Rob Mallard is living a far more laid back life without any complicated love triangles to contend with.

Here we take a closer look at Rob’s life off screen…

Early Career

Born and raised in Manchester, Rob Mallard first cut his acting teeth in a short video called Bottom of the Ninth, all the way back in 2003.

From there he went to star in a number of guest roles, including in Emmerdale and Fresh Meat, before he finally bagged the role of Daniel Osborne, Ken Barlow’s long lost son, in Coronation Street in 2016.

Corrie role and co-star romance

Rob first arrived on-screen as Daniel, the son of street stalwart Ken Barlow and uncle of serial love rat Adam Barlow back in 2016, making him the third actor to take on the role.

Quickly winning over soap fans at home, Rob even bagged himself the coveted Best Newcomer award at The British Soap Awards that same year as he cemented his place as part of the most beloved members of the Corrie cast.

One year after arriving on the soap, Rob publicly came out as gay during an interview with Gay Times back in 2017 but he told his family at the age of 17 and "never planned to keep [his sexuality] quiet.”

It was also on the soap that Rob was able to find love in real life too, when he began to date his co-star Daniel Brocklebank, who plays vicar Billy Mayhew in the show.

The couple confirmed their romance when he won his British Soap Award, as Rob adorably gushed: : "Even though this is fantastic, Dan, you’re the best thing I’ve ever taken home.”

Sadly however, just two months after his public profession of love, the pair split with sources citing the reason as being the pressure of working together while maintaining a romantic relationship.

Finding love again

Rob then went on to date Ben Perryman, but the couple split in 2019 after their romance came to a “natural end.”

After remaining single for the Covid lockdown, Rob was finally able to find love again, when the actor appeared to go public with his new partner as he took to Instagram to share a snap of himself all suited and booted for the 2023 British Soap Awards.

The couple both donned their finest suits for the star-studded bash, but elevated the look with a pair of edgy sunglasses to tie together the ensemble.

Health condition

One unexpected fact revealed by Rob during an interview on This Morning is that he suffers from an essential tremor – a nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking which can affect almost any part of your body, but mostly occurs in the hands.

Speaking on the popular daytime show during tremor awareness month, Rob explained: "I was diagnosed with an essential tremor when I was 14 but I didn't quite realise how serious it was until I was in my mid-20’s."

He went on: "You assume with shaking it's an old person's thing and most older people do have a slight tremor," Rob said.

"But it's actually amazingly common in young people and it's often misdiagnosed as anxiety disorders or people on the street might think something bad.

"They might think that you are on a comedown or that you're withdrawing from something or anything when it actually is just brain chemistry – just something going wrong, neurons in the brain firing incorrectly and it cause involuntary shaking in certain parts of the body.”

It wasn’t the first time Rob had publicly addressed his tremor either, as he previously appeared on the show and was spotted with shaking hands, leading many fans to presume the worst.

At the time, he tweeted: "Before any other papers write about this 'news' let me disabuse you: I have an essential tremor. Phew! Feels so good to come out.#notawkward."

Reappearing on the programme, Rob said he felt “exposed” after his tremor was being questioned among viewers.

He said: "I've had this – it's been nearly ten years I've been aware of it now. My solution to this was to hide and manage it, because in the job that I'm in, it may have a detrimental effect on my ability to get cast. So it was something that I tried to keep a lid on, but then it was exposed live on TV."

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