Jeremy Vine show hit by Ofcom complaints after Prince Philip funeral comments

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Jeremy Vine has been hit by 139 Ofcom complaints after he had commented that "30 white people" would attend Prince Philip's funeral.

Angry viewers of the Channel 5 show not only took to Twitter to accuse the TV presenter of "race-baiting" but have also officially complained to the broadcasting regulator.

On the chat show, Jeremy spoke candidly about likely attendees of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, specifically mentioning skin colour which sparked online outrage.

He said: "We are going to see a group of 30 people who are going to be at this very restricted funeral.

"I'm imagining it will be 30 people who are white.

"I'm just trying to think whether there's anybody of colour in there and I don't think so. Do you think that's a problem?"

Guest of the programme Shay Grewal responded: "No I don't think it's a problem at all."

However it's clear that many viewers thought his comments were the problem instead.

His comments which aired on Thursday episode, received unwanted criticism from viewers unhappy that the programme was offensive.

At the time, viewers slammed the presenter, with one saying on Twitter: "Jeremy Vine even manages to turn HRH Prince Philip's funeral into a race issue.

"I'm so tired of this divisive narrative. Identity politics has taken over and it's insidious.
"I appreciate the irony of this, but can we please stop talking about race!"

Another tweeted: "Why does Jeremy Vine still allow this level of race baiting on live TV, it's a family funeral and none of them are black so the answer's obvious."

A third post read: "It's not a problem but let's ask the question anyway so that we can try to turn it into one. How is this not simply race baiting?"

While a forth added: "I am genuinely staggered at this statement from Jeremy Vine. It's pure race baiting."

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