Kate Mara Says A Teacher Won't Get a Season 2: There Was Never 'Any Discussion'

Claire and Eric's story on A Teacher has come to an end.

Kate Mara shot down hopes for a season 2 of the FX on Hulu series, telling The Wrap "there was never really any discussion about more seasons" of the show.

"I have heard a lot of people who love the show ask that question, 'When is season 2?' It makes me laugh just because, no, to be honest, there hasn't been and there was never really any discussion about more seasons," she said.

In A Teacher, the 37-year-old actress plays Claire Wilson, a married English teacher who grooms and manipulates one of her high school students. Love, Simon actor Nick Robinson, 25, stars opposite Mara as the teen victim Eric Walker, exploring the impact he faces from the predatory relationship.

During the season finale, an adult Eric finally managed to confront Claire over the trauma she caused him as a teenager. Mara said ending the show with a fast-forward would make it difficult for the story to continue on.

"I wish we were doing three more seasons of it," Mara said. "But I don't know how we would continue unless there was no time passing at all, because we're both playing sort of older than we are [at the end]."

But while A Teacher has come to the end, Mara is hopeful that the show will inspire more stories of sexual abuse.

"Hopefully it opens the door to breaking stereotypes and opens the door to telling more stories from different points of view," she said. "This one, specifically coming from the male victim's point of view, which is very, very rare and important because then it makes it less, hopefully, less taboo for men who have had experiences where they are the so-called 'survivor victim,' that it's less rare to talk about."

Mara added: "I think breaking stereotypes is so important and it's one of the great things about the business that we're in that we're able to tell stories from different points of view and hopefully open the door to people looking at things differently and having more empathy and compassion for different ways of life. That is the hope."

Given that the show tackles a controversial subject, Mara previously said that A Teacher was designed to be an "uncomfortable" viewing experience.

"Some people are definitely going to feel uncomfortable watching the show. It wasn't something that we made thinking that it would be a super-easy watch," she told The Wrap in November. "Comfortable is not the word we were going for."

A Teacher is streaming on Hulu.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or go to rainn.org.

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