Keep Breathing season 2: Will there be another series?

Keep Breathing: Trailer for new survival series

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Keep Breathing continues to dominate the Netflix charts after arriving on the streaming platform. The drama follows savvy New York attorney Liv (played by Melissa Barrera), who is left stranded after her private jet goes down in the wilds of Canada. Liv struggles to survive as she thinks back to her past and how she can get out of her predicament.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Keep Breathing

Will there be another series of Keep Breathing?

A spokesperson for Netflix exclusively told there were currently no plans for a season two with the show described as a “limited series”.

However, if Keep Breathing continues to do well in terms of viewing figures, both Netflix and the show’s creators may change their minds.

There is certainly scope for more after Liv survived her ordeal and left the wilderness following a rescue.

She also seemed to find some sort of peace after confronting her demons and ruminating on her past and present relationships.

Liv’s biggest takeaway during her time in the wilderness was she didn’t need to meet her biological mother in order to figure if she would make a good mum herself.

Speaking about the storey’s conclusion, co-creator Brendan Gall said: “The ending is literal in that she survives. We see her wake up again and take that breath.

“The ambiguous part, the part up for interpretation, is whether the images of her and Danny going to the hospital are flash forwards or her imagined future when she believes she’s dying. Both are valid.”

Gero told Entertainment Weekly: “But she survives. She absolutely survives.”

These flash-forwards open up the door to Liv’s life in a possible season two as she embraces motherhood.

Additionally, a possible follow-up could focus on Liv as she tries to navigate her life after her near-death-experience and how she may still be affected by it.

The creators Gall and Martin Gero said at the start of Keep Breathing Liv was seeking “validation” but by the end she was “strong enough to be on her own”.

Should season two get the go-ahead, the series is likely to fall into a very different vein to the first outing as it might be too far-fetched to imagine Liv thrown into another perilous situation again.

Moving the story to focus on Liv’s life back in civilisation would also serve as a pay-off for viewers, who have only been given snippets of her past.

There are still blanks to be filled in and questions about her life which are yet to be answered.

A second outing is likely to have another six episodes, which would be dropped on the platform in one go for fans to binge.

The main cast would possibly see the return of Barrera leading and also include Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Florencia Lozano as Liv’s mother, and Juan Pablo Espinosa as Liv’s father.

There could also be some new cast members who Liv encounters as the story is expanded.

Alternatively, Keep Breathing could completely shake up its format and become an anthology show where a new protagonist is thrown into a life or death scenario as they take on their inner demons.

This could mean a completely new cast and story with similar themes to the original thriller series.

Should the show take an anthology route, there could be another remote location such as a desert or the middle of the ocean for the new character to survive.

Keep Breathing was conceived four years ago with Gero saying he and Gall wanted to make what he termed a “serene thriller”.

He said they wanted a show which “could be terrifying and urgent to watch, but could have moments of serenity, started to unfold”.

Keep Breathing is streaming on Netflix now

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