Kim Kardashian accused of photoshopping new SKIMS video ad as her finger 'bends' and 'stretches out'

TikTok followers accused Kim Kardashian of photoshopping her new SKIMS video ad.

Critics pointed out how her finger appears to bends and stretches out in the clip.

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A TikTok user began the video saying: "Photoshop Fall. Kim Cardashian Edition."

Kim said of the SKIMS panties: "It just bounces right back. It molds to your body like you're wearing nothing at all."

But a narrator pointed out how her finger seems to bend and stretch, saying: "Look at her finger. Look at her finger. Look at her finger. Look at her finger. AHHH!"

Followers chimed in adding: "yooo her finger stretches out."


A third criticized: "They can't even keep up with their own beauty standard."

One followers pointed out: "Y'all the second her finger touches her waist it distorts and curves."

Another shared: "The first finger bent at a weird angle. It's photoshop."

Last week, Kim showed off her amazing figure posing by her pool in a black bikini.

In one picture, the mom of four posed sideways while sitting on a bench before switching her position and showing fans her backside.

However, fans quickly pointed out that the photo had been edited to make her look slimmer.

Plastic surgery blog Problematic Fame zoomed in on the first picture and pointed out that the background had been distorted, hinting that the picture had been edited.

They first wrote: "Her photoshop has been extra sloppy lately. Just another reminder that Instagram is not real life."

In a second story, they continued: "For everyone saying 'that's just the chair!'

"I know that! I'm pointing out how wavy and distorted it is and it has clearly been stretched towards her stomach."

Kim's sister Khloe has been facing accusations of plastic surgery and photoshopping for months.

She came under fire back in April when an unedited bikini shot of her leaked online.

Her PR and legal teams went on a rampage to try and "scrub" the photo from the internet.

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