Kylie Jenner shows off mommy-and-me pink Balmain coats to Stormi, 3, after she's accused of 'flaunting her wealth'

KYLIE Jenner took to Instagram yesterday to show off her and daughter Stormi's new matching designer outfits after she's accused of 'flaunting her wealth'.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star and her family face frequent backlash over their lavish purchases, especially during the pandemic.

Despite the furor, the beauty mogul revealed she had been gifted two metallic pink Balmain jackets by the brand's creative director Oliver Rousteing.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Kylie shared two short videos about her and Stormi's special fashion delivery.

The first clip saw her three-year-old daughter excitedly pull her new designer threads out from an elaborate suitcase.

Kylie said: "Look at what you got? Wow matching outfits with mommy". Meanwhile in the second video, the star thanked Oliver for sending them unique passport cases.

The TV star has been slammed of late for flaunting her millions, especially while the Covid pandemic has rampaged the world and hundreds of thousands are out of work.

Just last month, the TV personality showed off Stormi's $3,455 shoe collection, including Air Jordans and Nike Dunks.

In an over-the-top photo with all the mini sneakers lined up on the kitchen counter, the mom of one wrote: "my girl is so spoiled."

The collection itself ranged from $94 Dunk Low SP TD Ceramics all the way to $475 Air Jordan 4 Retro GS Linens.

Stormi is already a trendsetter as her mom shares photos of her flashy outfits weekly.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder recently gave a glimpse into her own much-desired closet as well, showing designer bags worth $13k, a $4.5k Chanel bag and $1.2k Bottega Veneta pumps.

In February she also flaunted a massive collection of "Vintage Chanel" bags that the dark-haired beauty referred to as "art."

Kylie "collects" the pieces, some of which dating back to the 1980's.

Stormi seemed to have her own collection of designer bags, as the celebrity has shared photos of her daughter wearing various colors of the mini Prada purse.

In December, the young mom posted another picture of her child sitting on the steps of their California home, while holding a blue version of the $1,390 mini bag.

Stormi played with her phone while wearing the expensive purse, and was dressed trendy from head-to-toe.

Fans of Kylie believe her to be far from humble, after showing off her $72 million jet last year in her signature pink color.

The star frequently flew to remote locations in the plane during 2020, as she brought family and friends along for the ride.

The KUWTK celebrity made good use of the jet during her 23rd birthday when she took her family to celebrate in Turks and Caicos.

Kylie and her older sister Kendall were also recently criticized when they took a trip to Aspen while Covid was raging through the United States.

The sisters were seen riding on $8k Dior snowboards down the Colorado mountainside, as many slammed the stars for their materialistic lifestyle.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disgust, as one wrote: "Kendall Jenner skiing on Dior snowboards, and I’m out here working for 45 cents an hour!"

"I want to grill Kendall Jenner’s Dior snowboard and eat it for dinner,” said another.

A third sarcastically responded: “Kendall Jenner screams poor with her Dior snowboard."

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