Love Island’s Ella B’s tears are ‘fake’ insist viewers as Mitch row rumbles on

Love Island fans have taken to social media to say that they think Ella B’s tears weren’t real during last night’s episode when she learned what Mitchel Taylor had said about her.

Ella found out through Whitney Adebayo that her man, whom she had just had her third and final date with, had called her ‘fake’ to the boys.

Finding out what he had said about her, the 23 year old began to cry as Mitch sat awkwardly by her without trying to comfort her.

However, some fans weren’t buying it and took to social media to question her upset.

One fan, who posted a clip the moment on Twitter wrote: “Mad how Ella B was in “tears” “crying” to Mitch yet not a single tear drop or smudge was produced from her eyes #LoveIsland”.

Another wrote: “Ella b’s eyes are dryer than the desert [laughing face emoji] what’s with the fake crying [laughing face emoji] #LoveIsland”.

A third said: “Mitch is unhinged but Ella B crying is killing me because she’s drying tears that aren’t falling [crying face emoji] the producers really zoomed in on that [crying face emoji] #LoveIsland”.

However, not all fans were unsympathetic to Ella as some were shocked with Mitch’s reaction to her becoming emotional.

"I actually feel sorry for Ella B, run for the hills girls… he’s vile #LoveIsland” said one viewer.

Another wrote: "Oh Mitch honey you’re done #LoveIsland."

Whitney had explained to Ella that "Molly pulled me for a chat and she said that Mitch basically said that he thinks you are a game player."

Ella then pulled Mitch for a chat in which she went off on him, asking why he had said that about her – and not told her about it on their final date.

She fumed: "What the f***, nah what the f***. That’s actually really pissed me off. Why the f*** would you say that?"

Mitch responded that he thought she was “too good to be true” and, despite trying to console her, she broke down in tears.

Mitch, 27, had told Lochan Nowacki during Wednesday’s episode: "[Ella] cares more about being in here [the villa] than she does about being with me" after their relationship seemed on the up following the dumping of Abi Moores from the Island.

After his admission, fans were not happy.

One fan said: "Mitch saw Abi leave the villa tonight… and then calls the girl he’s coupled up with fake. I think someone’s in love with Abi and regrets letting her go…. #loveIsland".


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