Mack and Chloe have a charged moment as she reveals baby gender in Emmerdale

Chloe (Jessie Elland)’s arrival back in Emmerdale from Scotland left Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) flustered. While he’s extremely happy to be marrying Charity (Emma Atkins), he knows that a future with her is likely to mean that they won’t have children together as Charity has all but ruled this out after losing the baby she was expecting last year.

At the same time he knows that his future wife would be devastated if she knew that Chloe is pregnant with his child – conceived just after Charity lost her own baby.

Moira (Natalie J. Robb) notices that her brother acts strangely when he’s around Chloe and her interpretation is that Chloe’s pregnancy makes him reflect on the children he may never have. She decides to have a serious talk with him about whether it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make for a future with Charity.

It’s a question that looms even larger in Mack’s mind when Nate (Jurell Carter) offers his opinion that Mack cares more about Chloe and the baby than he’s letting on.

When Mackenzie bumps into Chloe things become even more real for him when she lets slip that the baby she’s expecting is a boy. When the baby starts to kick, Chloe lets Mack feel the kicking and he’s amazed as he feels his son moving – and there’s a charged moment between him and Chloe as they share the special experience.

From then on, Mack struggles to contain his feelings. He and Chloe argue over how involved he’ll be in the baby’s life.

Charity, meanwhile, has to deal with Noah (Jack Downham) who is struggling in the wake of a huge argument with Amelia (Daisy Campbell) that threatens his relationship with both Amelia and baby Esther. Mack knows he should be supporting Charity, but he’s preoccupied with thoughts of his baby son.

Clearly something has to give in this scenario. What will Mackenzie decide to do?

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