MAFS viewers ‘rooting for’ Ella and Nathanial before shocking twist leaves them gasping

Fans of Married At First Sight UK were rooting for Ella and Nathanial after they met for the first time at the altar on the second episode of the show, which aired on Tuesday, 19 September – before a surprising preview for tomorrow night's show left them shocked.

Ella, is trans (someone whose gender identity differs from that typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth), and Nathanial identifies as pansexual (attracted to people of all genders).

The pair certainly made for a stunning couple as they exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, with Ella breaking down as she spoke hers, as Nathanial encouraged her to get through it in an adorable moment for the show.

Fans flooded X – formerly known as Twitter – with praise for the couple, as one branded them 'too cute' whilst another said they look 'so sweet together'.

One wrote: "Oh I’m really rooting for Ella & Nathaniel, they seem so good together already #MAFSUK," as another said: "I need Ella and Nathanial to be together forever, they are too cute #MAFSUK."

A third said: "Ella and Nathaniel look sweet together #MAFSUK," whilst a fourth tweeted: "I’m really hoping this couple works out. #MAFSUK."

Show viewers were also full of praise for the way that Nathaniel reacted when Ella told him that she had been born a boy, before transitioning 12 years ago.

He told her that he wasn't worried about her being trans, and that it's what she's like as a person that counts.

One person tweeted: "It’s not all about the outside it’s about the inside ahhh god these pair #MAFSUK " whilst another said: "Nathaniel is a King Look at Ella's smile."

But fans' hopes for the couple were short-lived, after their bubbles burst when E4 aired a teaser clip for the Honeymoon episode, to be aired on Wednesday, 20 September.

As they sat in a beachy location, Nathanial can be seen yelling at Ella that she's "lying" before he storms off, leaving her in tears.

Once again, show fans rushed to Twitter to express their shock at what they had just seen, with one writing: "Nathanial and Ella having a screaming row tomorrow, my joy has been snatched away and it’s not even been an hour #MAFSUK."

Another tweeted: "WAIT WHAT? Nathaniel and Ella where a match made in heaven, NOW THEY’RE ARGUING tomorrow, & Laura is back too."

A third said: "Noooooooo why are they arguing already?," whilst a fourth ranted: "I did not get emotionally invested over the last 48 hours for every f****r to be fighting tomorrow #MAFSUK"

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