Married at First Sight: Study predicts which couples are most likely to stay together

Married At First Sight UK: E4 introduces new singletons

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Last night’s explosive commitment ceremony had viewers on the edge of their seat as infidelity was revealed and two couples’ time in the experiment came to a dramatic end. With six couples left in the show, experts from Casumo have calculated who is most likely to stay together.

The study took into account each couples’ happiness during their wedding, the number of arguments had since and any compatibility doubts. 

In joint first place is Tayah and Adam and Marilyse and Franky. After zero arguments and the most positive conversations between the two couples, the researchers predict these are the couples most likely to last the distance.

With Tayah and Adam already saying they love each other on their honeymoon and Tayah planning to move in after the experiment, it is not surprising that they have nabbed the top spot.

Franky and Marilyse have also got off to a good start after a romantic honeymoon in the Lake District and Franky even offering to pack up his life in Dubai to move to Yorkshire for Marilyse.

When probed by the matchmakers, the couple maintained they had not come into a single bump in the road since the wedding.

However, fans are noticing a few red flags in the ex-army man’s behaviour with many on Twitter calling him “toxic” and “controlling”. So, it is unsure whether they will retain their space at the top as the show progresses.

Next in the ranking is Daniel and Matt, who have been absent for two episodes after getting caught up at their honeymoon destination 

The physical attraction is definitely there between the two and Daniel has even suggested Matt pack his bags and move to Northern Ireland. Only time will tell though whether they can last the distance.

In fourth place is Morag and Luke. Despite Morag’s ruthless comments about not liking the way Luke dresses or that he is “not man enough for her”, the researchers think these two have a good chance of staying together 

They are still in the experiment and trying to make it work, so fans will have to see if the researcher are right.

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Unsurprisingly after last night’s episode, Megan and Bob are in fifth place and less likely to stick it through.

Bob was besotted with Megan from the moment he saw her and said the moment reminded him of “when Jack saw Rose in Titanic”. However, the spark has not been reciprocated by introverted Megan who says Bob’s loud personality makes her feel like she is “with a child”. 

After it was revealed Megan shared a kiss with Alexis’ husband Jordon, whether her and Bob can work it out is hanging in the balance. 

In sixth place is Amy and Josh. Despite the couple “not having any issues in the bedroom”, Amy, 34, is struggling to get over the age gap with 26-year-old Josh, and the pair don’t seem to have a great deal in common.

Unsurprisingly, in joint last place are last night’s evictees Nikita and Ant and Jordon and Alexis.

Nikita was told to leave after her foul-mouthed outbursts broke ‘behaviour’ rules in the experiment.

Fans were gutted to say goodbye to Ant though as it seemed romance could blossom between him and Alexis, who also left last night after hubby Jordon locked lips with Megan. 

Here are the experts’ rankings:

=1. Tayah and Adam

=1. Marilyse and Franky

3. Dan and Matt

4. Morag and Luke

5. Megan and Bob

6. Amy and Josh

=8. Nikita and Ant

=8. Alexis and Jordon

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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