Moon Knight boss praises Oscar Isaac and opens up future of show ‘Could merge into MCU’

Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight official trailer

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Moon Knight’s six episode run only scratched the surface of the Marvel comic book character, and now executive producer Grant Curtis has teased that he could easily appear again on either the small screen or in a more significant film project. Oscar Isaac took on the challenge of playing both Marc Spector and Steven Grant, and the post-credit scene on the final episode has made many Disney Plus and Marvel fans believe that they have not seen the last of Moon Knight.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode six.

The concluding chapter for season one dropped a bombshell on fans as in true Marvel fashion the post-credit scene busted the story wide open for a possible return.

Comic book fans are aware that three personalities made up Moon Knight. Marc and Steven were introduced to onlookers very early on in the show, but viewers didn’t physically get to see the third, Jake Lockley, until the final few seconds.

Believing that they, Marc and Steven, had finally gotten rid of the possessive Moon god Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), the closing sequence showed Jake (Oscar Issac) working with Khonshu as he delivers a killer gunshot to season one villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawk).

The cliffhanger ending drove many fans wild, with Twitter going off in a blaze of what could happen next.

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Producer Grant has teased that the newest superhero to join the on-screen Marvel family could appear in multiple projects, but remained tight-lipped about what he knew, if anything.

He said: “People want to see more of him. I think because of where we left the character, he could merge nicely into the MCU, wherever Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] may want to put him.

“In that aspect, I’m a fan, and I’ll buy a ticket. But I do not know! Kevin knows all.”

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, he added: “But I will say this: I like where we leave Marc Spector and Steven Grant and Jake Lockley because Oscar created such an engaging character.”

With Jake’s arrival on the scene, many eagle-eyed viewers returned and watched the show again to point out elements that had teased that he was joining the story.

Elements that were raised include several blackout moments when Steven or Marc would wake up covered in blood.

However, both acknowledged that it was not them who were in control of the body and viewers were quick to spy an additional Egyptian coffin in the mental ward scene.

Producer, Grant couldn’t speak highly enough about the show’s leading star and fellow producer.

He described: “Oscar brought so many narrative elements to this show, both in front of the camera and behind.

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“He’s a storyteller first and foremost, and that was just one of the many contributions he made to this series.”

The jam-packed final episode not only killed off the villain and introduced spectators to a third personality, but it also introduced the first Egyptian superhero to the screen in the form of Scarlet Scarab, a.k.a Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy).

Layla is Marc’s wife, and in the final outing, she temporarily agrees to be Egyptian goddess Taweret’s (Antonia Salib) avatar. In return, she is gifted with superhuman strength, agility, fighting skills and flight with the help of golden wings.

On building her character up to the strong female lead that she is in the show, Grant said: “What we realised — through [head writer] Jeremy Slater, through [director] Mohamed Diab, through May Calamawy, through [directors] Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead — was that this character of Layla El-Faouly was kind of a superhero from frame one when we first meet her.

“In early drafts of the story, she didn’t become the Scarlet Scarab, but as we continued to look at her journey with May and everyone else, we realised that we had a superhero in the making.

“Part of that superhero’s backstory really came into alignment nicely with the Scarlet Scarab from the comics. So we merged the two.”

Although no official details about a second season have been realised, fans hope that Marc, Steven and Jake will be occupying their television sets shortly.

The series has not been officially renewed for a second season as it was listed as a miniseries.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Disney Plus confirms any new episodes focusing on Jake’s story.

Moon Knight is available on Disney+

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