‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Story Arc Revealed

My Hero Academia is a highly popular manga franchise adapted into an acclaimed anime series. It’s tapping into the superhero craze, but powers are referred to as ‘Quirks’. Audiences have widely enjoyed both the manga and the anime series. There are currently five seasons and three movies, although the story isn’t over. TOHO Animation officially announced My Hero Academia Season 6. Additionally, the upcoming story arc has been revealed.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 explored the My Villain Academia Arc

My Hero Academia Season 5 started on March 27 in Japan and on streaming services Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. The My Hero Academia Season 5 finale aired on Sept. 25. Season 5 has a total of 25 episodes, but its final story arc garnered the fan base’s attention.

It concluded the season with the My Villain Academia Arc, which expanded on the characters in the League of Villains. This particular story finds the League of Villains battling it out with the Meta Liberation Army. However, there’s noticeably less blood in the anime compared to the manga. Additionally, it didn’t give as much depth to some of the villains or the Meta Liberation Army. Nevertheless, fans are excited about the direction the anime is taking.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 is officially happening

TOHO Animation‘s YouTube channel officially announced that My Hero Academia Season 6 is officially on the way. However, the teaser trailer doesn’t indicate too much. TOHO Animation hasn’t specified a release window or any exact release date.

The My Hero Academia Season 5 finale teased the next story arc’s direction. The episode ends with Izuku Midoriya’s voiceover. He explains that a “major incident will shake superhuman society.” The Paranormal Liberation Front is the next threat. My Hero Academia manga readers know that this is a massive war between heroes and villains. As a result, the manga’s current story is still feeling the impacts of this story arc.

One of the final arcs in the Rise of Villains saga is the Paranormal Liberation Front War Arc. My Hero Academia Season 6 is going to play a huge part in where the anime is headed moving forward.

Funimation serving a movie and another season

The United States will likely be able to see My Hero Academia Season 6 via the same streaming streamings Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. However, there are still a lot of details that have yet to be revealed. It’s not the only recent news surrounding the popular anime series.

My Hero Academia is also about to be getting a movie for the world to see. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third feature film in the franchise. It will be released in the U.S. and U.K. in theaters on Oct. 28. The story is well-explained in the movie, so you can enjoy the films even if you aren’t entirely caught up on the series. However, viewers will find it to be a more enriching experience to watch the show first.

Stay tuned for more information on My Hero Academia Season 6 as it becomes available.

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