My wife would love another kid… but I'm not reversing my vasectomy, says Diversity star Jordan Banjo | The Sun

FAMILY life keeps Jordan Banjo and his wife busy as they run around after their three children.

Which is why, when Naomi asked to add another to their brood, the Diversity dancer, 30, was almost lost for words.

Recalling the encounter to The Sun, he said: “We'd decided after our last one that the best course of action was for me to have a vasectomy.

“But then a few weeks ago she started telling me that she wanted another child and I just thought 'here we go again'”

When asked if he'd reverse his vasectomy to have a fourth, he replies: "That's not an option right now”.

Jordan and Naomi currently have Cassius, four, daughter Mayowa, three and youngest Atreus, seven months.

“We made the choice as a family that three was enough, well, my wife and I,” he said.

“But I guess you should never say never.”

Terrifying illness

Jordan reckons their current three kids keep them busy enough, without adding more to the family.

In fact, the family had a terrifying scare in April when their youngest, Atreus, had to be rushed to hospital aged two months with meningitis and sepsis.

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When the tot first fell sick, Jordan told his wife not to worry and that he didn't need medical attention.

He said: “When I got to the hospital, I broke down and started crying.

“It wasn't just the fact he was ill, it was that I'd seen him in the early hours for work, and I was the one saying to Nat 'I think he's fine, he's just tired'.

“We got it early because of my wonderful wife. She knew something wasn't right in her gut and took him to A&E.

“There was such relief that he was in the best place, because if it had been down to me, I'd have been at home rocking him to sleep thinking he'd be fine. If she hadn't taken him, we could be having a very different conversation.”

His devotion to his kids has led him to partner with Tesco for their Stronger Starts campaign which provides support to sports, breakfast clubs, schools and more.

On Saturday he was spotted supporting in store in Hemel Hempstead, helping people find the £5k Golden token, as part of a £500k additional boost for 100 schools and community groups to receive Stronger Starts funds.

Devotion to kids

Jordan wanted to be involved because he is aware how much of a difference it would have made to him as a kid.

He said: “I think you never really understand how much you want to do for your children until you become a parent.

“My kids are very fortunate that we can fund the hobbies they want to do, but if I can help other families, that's important to me too.

“I may not be able to provide money on a Tesco level, but if one of my kid's clubs asked parents who could afford to pay a little more to do so, I absolutely would.”

Jordan recalled how he was over the moon to take a friend to TGI Friday's with his family for his 12th birthday because it was unusual.

“You'd have thought I'd won the lottery or something because I was so happy,” he recalled.

“I want my kids to know that feeling and not take things for granted. I'm aware I can provide them with a lot more than I had as a child.”

Different childhood

Jordan and his brother Ashley are the son's of former boxer Funso Banjo and his wife Danielle.

When they were growing up, Jordan remembers his dad as being strict with them, but that has gone out the window with his grandkids.

The former sportsman drives to see both sets every single day and does everything he can to spoil the tots.

“It is ridiculous,” Jordan laughed. “Shortly after my youngest was born, dad was doing the school pickup for a week and the kids had got him buying them sharing packs of sweets and pizza every day.

“We'd never have got that when we were younger. He's such a pushover with my kids which is hilarious to see.”

Funso doing the school run rather than Jodan or Naomi is a break from the normal routine.

The devoted dad tries to always pick up his kids when he can, and loves that he's not seen as the boy from diversity but Cassius's dad.

”If it ever does come up it's just a casual reference,” he said.

“The conversation's more centred around the kids. And my eldest doesn't think my job is cool in the slightest, so if classmates ask about it he just shrugs.

“I think he just assumes that their parents do something similar.

“He's more bothered about the fact that I'm rubbish at football. Cassius is at that age where it's dawning on him that his parents can't do everything.”

Famous idols

Since heading into back into the jungle for I'm A Celeb All Stars, Jordan has been ribbed by pal Perri Kiely that he's got a crush on Myleen Klass.

And in a way, he has. A parenting crush as he takes inspiration from how she's raised her two.

“I'm in awe of her and the way she parents her kids,” he gushed.

“She does everything she can to help them achieve their goals without being too harsh.

“But she's also really honest about having bad days as a mum, and I think that's so important.



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“I'm so glad there's someone in the public eye for my daughter to look up to.”

  • If you know of a school or children’s group that could benefit from a Stronger Starts grant, please visit and apply now.

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