Neighbours bombshell teases huge Ramsay Street comeback as soap returns from axe

Neighbours- star Delta Goodrem has teased a potential return to the Aussie soap.

The show was almost axed completely last year as Channel 5 decided to stop airing it, but luckily it was saved by an Amazon deal.

Delta, who played Nina Tucker in the soap, returned for what was thought to be final episodes to give the show a big send off – but with its reprisal now in full swing, we wanted to know if she could come back once more.

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Talking about the show's turbulent year, Delta exclusively said: "I was talking to Holly Valance and I was like 'Oh, it's coming back?'

"That's fantastic because obviously to have Australian TV to continue its icon in itself, Neighbours.

"We did do the big send-off, I think my character Nina said goodbye, we all said goodbye, but all power to it to continue.

"I think everyone went through after lockdown, Covid, resets and finding new homes and finding where everything fits, and I'm really happy that they've found a new home.

"You know what 'never say never', I felt a beautiful ribbon on it, but hey – who knows? I'm so excited for the cast and the crew. That's where I started and I love that neighbours will live on forever and ever."

Delta, 38, made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on June 11, 2002 at age 16.

She has since been concentrating more on her music career with film and TV stints sprinkled in between with the likes of being a judge on The Voice and now filming the upcoming title Love is in the Air.

Delta is now also gearing up to tour the UK and shared with us some of her strongest UK links, with the main talking point being her friendship with Elton John.

Her first encounter with the music legend goes way back to when she was 18 when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

The former Neighbours star said: "In my early days of me starting out in my career, I was so lucky to have support from artists in the UK, whether we were doing Top of The Pops or when Elton John first reached out to me when I was first diagnosed with cancer or for my first song.

"When you're first stepping into the world as an artist, Elton has such incredible impact and he's so wonderful to the whole community, with artists, he has such authentic relationships."

The stunning star will be playing four different UK venues – Glasgow on April 5, London on April 30, Birmingham on 2 May and Manchester on May 3. For more info and tickets please visit here.


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