Netflix's Night Stalker director reveals horror at killer Richard Ramirez being 'fetishised and attracting groupies'

NETFLIX'S Night Stalker director revealed that murderer Richard Ramirez was "fetishised" by groupies and dubbed him the "Jim Morrison of serial killers".

The four-part crime documentary hit the popular streaming service last week and has left many shaken with fear after finding out the true story behind his killings.

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The documentary tells the story of Ramriez and what crimes he did to his 14 victims – who ranged from the ages of six to 82, male or female and of any background – through first-person interviews, archive footage, photographs and reenactments.

The evil man was sentenced to death row for everything that he did in the summer of 1984 a year later, and eventually died in 2013 after contracting B-cell lymphoma.

And while the majority were sickened by his crimes, Ramirez also had a handful of people who put him on the same pedestal as some of our favourite celebrities.

Director Tiller Russell recently explained to The Metro: "What happened is you took this guy who was a sort of invisible Boogey Man who was hunting people throughout the city and the entire city, the entire state was terrorised because anybody could have been the victim. 

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‘Then, finally, when the boogeyman is identified and unmasked and there ends up being the sort of circus-like aftermath, where he’s in the courtroom suddenly surrounded by groupies and people that are fetishizing him and he becomes the Jim Morrison of serial killers.

‘It was very uneasy making, I think for all of us, and it sort of begs the question culturally like “what is it about American culture or this particular story, or this particular guy that elicited that reaction?”’

In the documentary, one victim that stood out to a lot of viewers was Anastasia Hronas, a woman who was abducted from her bedroom by the killer at just six-years-old.

Alongside his 14 murders, he also managed to rape and torture at least two dozen more during his nearly year-and-a-half-long crime spree.

And since then he has appeared on season five and season nine of American Horror Story.

Tiller explained that he wanted to make sure that the evil man had as little time on screen during the show to make sure that the victims, survivors and those who helped catch him were given justice and their story could be told.

He added: "It was incredibly important for us not to glamorise or, you know, lionise Ramirez in any way.

"And part of the way to do that was limiting the amount of screen time that he had.

"You just get these little dribs and drabs where you’re seeing evocations of the crime scenes and droplets of these interviews, and then giving the greater screen time to the people that are investigating the case, covering the case, to the victims and survivors, so that their story is the one that gets authored."

The director was keep to make sure they didn't contribute to that "rock star vocation".

Just last week the documentary was branded "too graphic to watch" by horrified viewers.

Watch all episodes of Night Stalker on Netflix now.


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