Next James Bond – Christopher Nolan ‘in very serious talks’ but one major issue

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It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan is a massive James Bond fan, with the director once comparing his knowledge of the franchise to being in contention with that of Alan Partridge.

Echos and tropes of 007 feature across the filmmaker’s back catalogue from the Q branch gadgets in The Dark Knight trilogy to his time travelling spy thriller Tenet.

In recent years the 53-year-old has admitted he’d be interested in helming a Bond movie, but that it would have to be a “reinvention”.

Well given he’s just released Oppenheimer and will be looking for a new project, it’s now perfect timing what with the 007 reboot being in need of a director.

And now insiders claim that Nolan is “in very serious contention to direct the next James Bond instalment.”

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According to World of Reel’s sources, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is “zeroing in on Nolan.”

The outlet reports that the director has been in talks with EON Productions.

However, they pointed out that further discussions have been delayed due to the ongoing Hollywood actors and writers strike, plus his recent promotion of Oppenheimer.

No doubt fans will be excited by the deal being negotiated for two Bond movies, but there’s one major issue.

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The outlet points out that Nolan would want a lot of creative freedom for his Bond vision, while Broccoli “rarely gives carte blanche to her filmmakers”.

Nevertheless, a deal could still be struck and the producers’ backups are rumoured to be Danny Boyle, Denis Villeneuve and Paul Greengrass.

EON Productions usually like to nail down what the Bond reboot will be like in tone, with the script and director, before auditioning an actor to fit that.

And given rumours of Aaron Taylor-Johnson “impressing” Broccoli” and the fact he starred in Nolan’s Tenet, we wouldn’t be surprised if he would be in high contention to be cast as the new 007.

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