Model ‘sick’ of dating apps uses sign on street looking for lover – and it works

A singleton hoping for a shot at love has revealed her unique way of finding her perfect match.

Karolina Getis is fed up of wasting time on dating apps so opted for an unconventional approach on the streets of New York, US.

The 29-year-old always joked to her pals about going out into the streets with a sign – and this time she delivered.

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Soon after taking the sign out with her, she received a lot of attention from surprised onlookers.

One man smiled at Karolina, while another took a photo and a third was dragged away by his partner.

She said her efforts didn't go to waste as the sign, which read "looking for a husband", went down a treat after she met a bloke.

The influencer was swept off by her feet by the man who she claimed is still in contact with.

She said: "These things give me so much energy and people's reactions are always positive – I love doing it.

"I do it to get out of my comfort zone – people were in shock on the street but always saying 'go girl, find your husband'.

"The funniest thing is when I am doing it, I'm usually I'm holding the sign and I don't see the reactions until my videographer shows me.

"One guy at the end saw the sign and came and picked me up – I'm now in touch with him and we're chatting with each other.

"We'll see what happens in the future. At the moment we are just talking."

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This isn't the first time Karolina has taken to the streets of New York City with her trusty sign.

Recently she held on up saying "needed money for Chanel".

"That was my favourite one," she admitted.

"We went outside the Chanel store and this guy came up to me and was going to give me the money for it."

Karolina concluded: "Some people actually came and gave me money for it.

"If you ask correctly, everything will come to you and if you need something just make a sign.

"I'm using the money to save for Chanel and a Birkin bag."

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