Piers Morgan blasted as ‘disgusting’ by GMB guest in clash over Meghan interview

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Piers Morgan was branded "disgusting" his guest on Good Morning Britain on Monday's show, during a discussion about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Author and women's rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu appeared on the show, joining Piers and Susanna Reid in the studio with a panel of guests.

Earlier in the show, Piers had blasted last night's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, which saw Meghan and Harry discuss the Duchess' mental health and her treatment by the Royal family.

Dr Shola disagreed with Piers' point of view, and their discussion quickly grew heated on the show as they battled to speak over one another.

Piers had previously claimed the coverage of Meghan had been positive in the early years of their relationship, only for Shola to point out: "You conveniently forget that Prince Harry, in November 2016, talked about the racist undertones of the media."

Dr Shola then claimed the Queen needs to be held to account for any wrongdoing, saying: "When she does something wrong we need to call her out."

The GMB guest then condemned Piers' coverage of the interview, saying: "You sit there hamming on about how the royal institution is not racist."

Piers accused Dr Shola spewing "lies" and tried to interrupt her by asking: "Are are we allowed to engage in any of this?"

However, Dr Shola continued to make her point, refusing to let Piers speak before she finished her argument.

Piers then remarked: "I think what you just said about the Queen is disgusting."

"You are disgusting!" Dr Shola replied.

Their debate kicked off again later in the episode, as Piers accused Dr Shola of "race-baiting" on the show.

She said: "I’ll tell you what I don’t think is funny, is the fact that you are such a disappointment, I wish to God one day you would even surprise me.

"You constantly use your platform as a wealthy white privileged man with power to influence to aggravate and escalate some bigoted, sexist, racist, and misogynist attacks on Meghan Markle. You do it so shamelessly. That’s the point."

Piers tried to interrupt her, saying: "What a load of nonsense, honestly. What a load of race-baiting nonsense."

Dr Shola stood her ground, saying: "You won’t deny that the Royal family has any racist undertone or actions against the first bi-racial, simply because you’re in love with the Queen?

"You should be able to call out actions done by the Royal family when they’ve got it wrong."

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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