Producers Completely Trolled Brendan Morais During Bachelor in Paradise's End Credits

Producers made it pretty clear how they feel about Brendan Morais and Pieper James’ Bachelor in Paradise drama during the season finale—by which I mean they took a minute to troll them (but more specifically Brendan) in the end credits.

While giving an update on what everyone on the show is up to now, producers wrote “Brendan and Pieper are laying low” and then cut to footage of Natasha spraying a champagne bottle with the caption “Natasha has over 460,000 followers on Instagram.”

This is an obvious reference to the fact that Brendan was caught talking about his followers while on Bachelor in Paradise—as in, he legit told Pieper “It has to be you and me, first and foremost, before anyone else on the beach. And that’s the only way we’re gonna get through this, like, being in the position we wanna be in, utilizing this time here and taking advantage of what Paradise would promote together.”

The reaction this this, uh, statement was obviously a) twitter spiraling, and b) everyone unfollowing Brendan and immediately following Natasha.

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