Rebekah Vardy reveals what she REALLY thinks of Coleen Rooney and THAT moon-boot | The Sun

REBEKAH Vardy has revealed her thoughts about Coleen Rooney's moon-boot after her WAG rival wore it to the High Court during their libel battle.

The 36-year-old was memorably pictured entering court each day wearing one Gucci loafer, and one plastic grey air-boot following a fall at home.

When asked if Coleen is “milking the moon-boot” during an exclusive interview with the Sun, Becky chortles, and says: “Ohhh I couldn’t possibly [comment]…!”

Back in their husbands’ footballing heyday, Coleen, and Rebekah, 40, were frequently photographed together, cheering on their men during international games.

Two of the highest profile “WAGs” at the time, they were widely considered to be close friends.

However, during the trial, a witness for Coleen claimed the former I’m A Celeb contestant deliberately sat behind the Liverpudlian at England’s 2016 Euro’s clash against Wales.


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She and pals were asked to shift after they allegedly pinched seats belonging to the Football Association’s family liaison officer, Harpreet Robertson.

Rebekah vehemently denies the “ludicrous” accusations.

What, then, is the reality: how tight were the pair?

She replies: “I wouldn’t say we were close.

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“We sent each other presents when our kids were born. I invited them to our wedding and they sent a wedding gift.

“She had congratulated me on my pregnancy in August… that was two months before she posted what she did.

“I felt sorry for Coleen. I felt sorry for her because there was so much negative press.

“And it wasn’t because I was trying to get private information off her. I couldn’t care less about any of that. I was trying to be supportive like I hope people would have been supportive to me.”

Clearly there is no love lost between the duo.

However, neither woman has ‘blocked’ the other on WhatsApp – the 21st century marker of any strained friendship: “Well, Coleen blocked me for a bit but then she unblocked me.”

Becky says she “reached out” to Coleen in November 2021, but didn’t hear back.

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There could be further fallout ahead though after exclusively revealed Coleen could take up a damages court case, which could add to Becky's financial woe.

The mum-of-five is already facing legal bills of up to £3million.

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