Spoilers: Chloe accuses stunned Priya of sleeping with dead Al in Emmerdale

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is determined to find out the truth about what Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) was up to in the week’s before his death in Emmerdale.

After Chloe started to suspect that Al had been cheating on her mum, she went through his credit card statements for clues, and her suspicions were confirmed when she took a call from the estate agent who was helping Al to buy a house for himself and Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

The agent mentioned that the house was for Al’s partner and child – so Chloe knew it hadn’t been Kerry (Laura Norton) that Al was buying the house for.

After a distraught Kerry decided to make a future away from the village as a result, Chloe was left feeling that she’d been abandoned by her mum so soon after discovering who she really was. She pledged to get to the bottom of what Al had been up to and who the other woman was.

In upcoming episodes, she thinks she’s found Al’s mystery woman, becoming convinced that it’s his former fiancée Priya (Fiona Wade). She accuses Priya, who of course denies it.

Later, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) leaves Amba (Ava Jayasinghe) outside the cafe while he goes back inside to get more hot chocolate after dropping the first lot. Chloe finds Amba alone and takes her back to Keepers, leaving Rishi terrified when he finds Amba missing.

It’s not long before Priya discovers her daughter’s whereabouts and she’s furious to find her with Chloe, who’s still insisting that Priya and Al were seeing each other behind Kerry’s back. Priya proves her innocence by cross checking Al’s bank statements, but she agrees with Chloe that it certainly looks like Al was having an affair.

But with Priya now off Chloe’s radar, who will she set her sights on next? As she heads over to the Woolpack, should Chas be getting worried?

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