Spoilers: Jimmi's client in Doctors delivers major bombshell about her baby

Jimmi (Adrian Lewis Morgan) takes a routine trip to the supermarket this coming week in Doctors. But as events spiral out of control, he certainly comes away with more than he bargained for.

It’s early in the morning and Jimmi is surprised to come across a woman sitting on the floor, meditating in the middle of the supermarket.

As it turns out he quickly recognises her as one of his clients, a lady named Gwyneth Lully (Nathalie Pownall). Jimmi is shocked by what she has to say: Gwyneth tells him that her baby is dead.

Jimmi helps her up. She is very wobbly and doesn’t seem to have eaten for a while. He takes her to the Icon where food and drink helps replenish her. He then suggests she come and see him at the Mill.

Jimmi calls Al (Ian Midlane) and asks if he can cover some of his patients today so that he can take care of Gwyneth. He promises to buy Al a beer and a curry at some point in the future as a thank you.

At the Mill, Gwyneth continues to act strangely, attempting to meditate in the reception area and becoming fixated on a thermostat which needs replacing. Jimmi gently tries to get her back onto the subject of her baby and urges her not to blame herself.

He reminds her that she blamed herself before when her estranged son left. They have discussed this before during their previous sessions together. But suddenly Gwyneth seems very confused indeed.

Can Jimmi get to the root of Gwyneth’s problems? And is everything as it appears to be?

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