Stacey’s terrified to realise her stalker knows where she lives in EastEnders spoilers

In Thursday night’s EastEnders episode, 27 July, Stacey Slater reels from the fact she has a stalker and attempts to find out who it is so she can confront them.

After receiving a sexual request and detail about her private life from her Secret Cam client, Stacey and Eve Unwin twigged that the subscriber must be someone they know and possibly living in Walford.

What they haven’t worked out yet is that the man behind the screen is Lily Slater’s tutor, Theo Hawthorne.

Theo’s obsessive behaviour has been gathering speed since he went as Stacey’s plus one to her wedding, found a way into the Slater house and even into Stacey’s bedroom.

Tonight, Stacey is already down after she and ex-husband Martin Fowler decided not to go back to co-parenting and leave their relationship as it is.

But then Stacey is left utterly terrified when she receives a flower delivery from her mysterious client at her house. She has the horrifying realisation that they know where she and her family live.

Worried for her friend, Eve turns to local police officer Jack Branning for advice. She quizzes him on stalking and discreetly asks Jack whether the police can help.

Eve describes a hypothetical scenario much like Stacey’s to Jack. But he tells her that no crime has been committed in what Eve describes, so the authorities wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Also in the square tonight, Anna Knight decides to intervene between Linda Carter and Sharon Watts who have found themselves at odds.

Anna locks them in The Vic cellar so they are forced to talk properly and repair their friendship.

Elsewhere, Kim Fox is full of enthusiasm about her new mental health advocacy. And she gets to put her newfound support for the cause to good use when she stumbles upon Denzel Danes and Amy Mitchell fighting about him looking at girls online

Kim helps the teen couple have an honest conversation and work out their differences. As a result of what she sees with the teens, Kim resolves to be more 'real' on her Kimfluencer channel.

Alfie’s happiness at getting a new job is short-lived when gets on the wrong side of his new boss Olga on his first day at the bookies.

But luckily for Alfie, he pulls it around when he gets Freddie Slater and Patrick Trueman to stage a mock fight leaving Olga impressed with her new employee.

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