StartUp series bosses ‘surprised’ at small project’s success on Netflix

Startup: Martin Freeman stars in season one trailer

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StartUp arrived on Netflix in May 2021, with three seasons landing in their entirety on the streaming platform. The cryptocurrency show originally aired on the network Crackle back in 2016, and three years later Netflix has given it a new lease of life. The creators of the series told they had not expected the show to be so big.

StartUp was ahead of its time when it was first released on Crackle more than five years ago.

The series is about a businessman who invests in a new cryptocurrency project, but he is in over his head and faces many enemies.

He joins forces with a group of unlikely allies to evolve the darknet, and the fast-paced series kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The series saw some success on Crackle, but since finding its new home on Netflix, it has gained a huge fanbase.

Luis Prieto is a Spanish film director who worked on the series, and he was in awe of its success.

He told “It was a small project in a way. It aired on Crackle which I don’t think exists anymore.

“We had great talent like Martin Freeman and Adam Brody, from the very beginning the casting was where the value was.

“The scripts were very interesting and modern, the concept was to do something beautiful aesthetically but make it feel very real.

“I always felt it was a great show and it had a lot of potential, but at the same time at that moment, Crackle wasn’t very well known.

“It never really took off unfortunately and we were doing a great show for a channel not many people knew existed.”

Crackle is still believed to be up and running, but fans have paid more attention to the series since it arrived on Netflix.

Prieto continued: “Right now, being on an additional platform, it’s much bigger. That’s what’s so great about Netflix – it reaches so many people.

“It’s fantastic, I found out about the success from the crew saying they couldn’t believe it. We were kind of surprised.

“We knew it was a great show but we felt no one would really see it as we were on a smaller platform.

“It was a great satisfaction, we had put a lot of work in as we knew it was a great story. The subject is very current, it was current five years ago and it’s still a show people can relate to.”

Olly Blackburn was another director working on the series and he called the series “insanely relevant”.

He said: “Crypto, Florida, Russian Mob, tech entrepreneurs, the deep state, it’s just so insanely relevant.

“Plus a cast of actors who people love to watch, having the freedom to let go and do some really free-spirited work.

“It was literally five years ahead of its time. Sometimes a show is too far ahead of its time and a bit disorienting, and sometimes a show is old news and everyone’s already moved on.

“But I think StartUp was perfectly poised for everyone to catch on, thanks to exposure on a massive platform like Netflix.”

He went on to praise the extraordinary cast for their performances, comparing spending time with them in Miami to “enjoying a great sipping whiskey”.

He said: “They are very more-ish and go down super easy (but there’s hell to pay later on).”

When asked whether Netflix may be able to revive the series for a fourth season, the stars said they were still uncertain of its future.

They said they had no idea whether a fourth outing would go ahead, but they would love to revisit the story one day.

Fans have taken to social media to call for new episodes, and they can keep their fingers crossed.

StartUp is streaming on Netflix now. 

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