'Stranger Things 4' Will Finally 'Give Audiences Some Answers' According to Ross Duffer

Stranger Things 4 has been a long time in the making, with almost three years between season 3 and the upcoming season. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic delayed filming, but the newest episodes required more time due to the scope of season 4. However, at the Deadline Contenders TV panel, the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, promised the newest installment wouldn’t disappoint fans.

‘Stranger Things 4’ creators didn’t realize the size of the upcoming season until halfway through production

In the previous seasons of Stranger Things, every storyline occurred in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Ross Duffer knew they wanted the series’ settings to expand in Stranger Things 4. However, even he didn’t realize just how large the season would become.

Duffer told the audience, “We knew that they were going to be we really set up at the end of season three that everyone was going to be in these disparate locations, and that was something that was always the plan. We didn’t know how big the season was going to get, and we didn’t even realize until we were about halfway through just in terms of how much story we wanted to tell this season.”

Ross Duffer promised ‘Stranger Things 4’ would finally ‘give audiences some answers’

A great amount of detail goes into the show, the characters, and the settings. However, there are still plenty of plot points to which fans don’t have answers. The Netflix original has yet to dive very deep into the mythology behind the Upside Down or its origins. However, it looks like Stranger Things 4 finally answers some of those questions for audiences.

During the panel discussion, Ross Duffer explained, “For us, really, what it’s about is like revelations in that we really wanted to start giving the audience some answers. You know, back when we did season one, Netflix just kept going, ‘Can you explain all this mythology to us?’ So we wrote this giant 20-page document, which talked about everything in terms of what was going on and what exactly the Upside Down was. Then each season, we’re just sort of peeling back the layers of that onion, so to speak. But this season we really wanted to get into it and give the audience some of those answers. But to do that properly, we needed time. So it just became bigger and bigger.” 

The upcoming season is ‘way bigger than 3’

The Duffer Brothers released a letter to fans in February. In the letter, they revealed their plans to end the series after season 5. The letter also detailed the massive size of Stranger Things 4, promising fans a season twice as long as season 3. 

Matt Duffer told the audience, We did realize, like partway through, we needed an additional episode and Netflix was really supportive of that. I remember turning in that outline to Netflix and our line producer and our line producer turned very pale and was like, ‘This is this is way bigger than three.’ Ross and I were like, ‘No, it’s not, though. It’s just that maybe it reads big, but it’s not.’ He was right, obviously. And it just turned out to be huge.”

Thankfully, fans don’t have much longer to wait to witness Stranger Things 4 for themselves. The episodes drop exclusively on Netflix on May 27, 2022.

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