The Chase star Darragh Ennis urges people to ‘pray’ for him in holiday snaps

The Chase star Darragh Ennis had fans rushing to support him as he urged his Instagram followers to "pray for him".

The 41-year-old quizzer took to social media to share a set of holiday snaps with his 11,800 followers.

Darragh held up the camera and smiled, his dark curly hair the centre of the shot as she showed off his stunning view.

From the balcony, the ITV star overlooked a carpark with a sandy beach beyond, covered in lush green palm trees and bushes.

Further on, the clear blue sea stretched as far as the eye could see and matched the perfectly blue sky, without a cloud in sight.

The Chaser wrote in the caption: "Look at those dead eyes," and signed off with the hashtag: "Pray for Bones" – his username on Instagram and Twitter.

A fan joked: "With that view behind you, no-one could have dead eyes."

Another wrote: "Love him, he’s so darn cute. Love his curly hair."

One said: "Dead gorgeous eyes. Looks like Ibiza to me?"

The egghead loves to update his fans about his personal life on his Instagram profile.

The star is an avid reader and shares book recommendations with his fans, along with pictures of his dogs and clips from his travels.

He also enjoys giving The Chase viewers a snap shot into the life of the Chasers and recently posted a behind the scenes video.

In the clip, Darragh showed a door which had the Beat The Chasers logo on as he walked through to make his way up to his dressing room.

Already prepared in the wardrobe was his iconic black suit, which featured a red brocade patterned lapel and a bolo tie with a red gemstone.

Darragh played Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 over the short clip and wrote in the caption that it was "time to start work".

A few avid fans quizzed him on his job and he confirmed that the next series will be on "in a few weeks".

Another told him that they "hadn’t seen him on the show in a while," to which Darragh clarified that "repeats" are on at the moment.

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