The real reason Philip Winchester left Law and Order SVU as Peter Stone

Bonus scene of Det. Muncy's Law and Order: SVU goodbye

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Law and Order SVU. 

Law and Order SVU often has a revolving door when it comes to its cast so what was the reason behind Peter Stone actor Philip Winchester leaving?

Peter Stone (played by Philip Winchester) was first introduced in the season 19 premiere, The Undiscovered Country, as the new Assistant District Attorney. 

It was during this series of the NBC legal drama that he was involved in the Rob Miller (Titus Welliver) case, with the team desperate to get him convicted for the murder of Lindsay Parker. 

While trying to get enough evidence to put him behind bars, Stone’s morals were put to the test but it was his feelings for Olivia Benson (Mariska Hartiguy) which resulted in his exit. 

Having previously fallen for another colleague, Stone was adamant he didn’t want to go through it again, leading to his decision to leave the SVU.

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Why did Philip Winchester leave Law and Order SVU as Peter Stone? 

Law and Order SVU saw actor Philip Winchester left after just two series with news of his departure surprising fans. 

While many stars have chosen to make their exits to explore other opportunities, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Winchester’s character. 

Going by his comments on Twitter, it sounds like it wasn’t his decision to go so it could have been down to creative reasons. 

Nevertheless, Winchester had only kind words to say when it came to announcing his exit from Law and Order SVU.

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Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, in March 2020, he wrote: “I want to congratulate the cast and crew of @nbcsvu for making history today.

“Also to thank everyone for two great seasons. Sadly for me, Peter stone and his ‘the facts don’t care about you’re feelings’ attitude will not be returning. 

“A huge tip of the hat to my amazing fans and not so big of fans.”

His time on Law and Order SVU may have been short but he has since been busy working on other projects.

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For the past few years, Winchester has been in Rogue, 38 Minutes, Endangered Species, A Week in Paradise and Leopard Skin. 

He is also set to star in Duchess, alongside Colm Meaney and Stephanie Beacham, as a character called Robert McNaughton. 

According to IMDb, Duchess “follows a tough, working class, petty criminal who morphs into an anti-heroine to be reckoned with in a murky underworld, in the treacherous world of diamond smuggling.”

Law and Order SVU is available to watch on NBC.

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