James Corden brands Trump a 'lunatic' who 'hijacked' America

James Corden branded Donald Trump a ‘lunatic’ who had ‘hijacked’ America as he addressed the protests at the US Capitol last night.

Trump supporters stormed the building in Washington DC on Wednesday in an attempt to rally against the results of the election which saw Joe Biden named the president-elect.

Order was later restored, however, one person was shot dead by police and three people died due to medical emergencies.

Gavin And Stacey star James kicked off The Late Late Show by addressing the mayhem in a sombre opening monologue.

Filming the programme from his garage due to the spiralling Covid-19 case numbers in Los Angeles, he described the events as a ‘crazy, sad day, a day that will go down as a dark one in the long history of America’.

He said the US had been ‘hijacked’ by a ‘lunatic and his crazy army’ for the last four years, but implored viewers to remain hopeful as change is coming.

James continued: ‘Because in two weeks on those same steps, where that mob fought and pushed past police, Joe Biden will be sworn in as president of the United States.

‘In two weeks where that mob fought and pushed past police, Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the Vice President of the United States.’

He added: ‘And in two weeks on those same steps where that mob fought and pushed past the police, the people who encouraged and instigated that violence, Donald Trump, his children, Rudy Giuliani, they’re all going to need a tourist pass to get in because they’ve lost the presidency, they’ve lost the house and now they’ve lost the senate…

‘Today was their last dance at the worst party any of us have ever been to, so if you can, have hope… We’ve seen in these past few weeks in America that votes count, change is coming, science is real, a vaccine is on the way.

‘I really do believe there are better times ahead.’

The Late Late Show airs on CBS in the US.

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