The Truth About The Bachelor’s Victoria Larson

Hear ye, hear ye! There’s a queen in the cast of The Bachelor. On the Season 25 premiere of the long-running dating reality TV program, Matt James met Victoria Larson—or should we say Queen Victoria? Entering the show perched atop a throne that was carried by four men, the tiara-wearing Victoria wasted no time in making her brand known. As she presented Matt with a crown of his own, a chyron popped up to give the audience a little more information: Victoria is 27 years old, she lives in Los Angeles, and her job title is “Queen.” 

Of course, that is not all there is to know about the contestant who, as Bustle noted, immediately ticked off The Bachelor alum Demi Burnett. Yes, Queen Victoria and Queen Demi are apparently already at odds. “Victoria already made herself an enemy tonight,” Demi tweeted the night of the premiere. “It’s me. You don’t know s*** about being the queen you just got here. You gotta earn your crown.” 

So, what’s the truth about the Season 25 hopeful who received the final rose on night one? Read on to find out. 

Victoria Larson stays royally busy

Now, this may come as a total shock, but being a queen is not actually Queen Victoria’s line of work. As it turns out, this The Bachelor contestant has a lot of irons (er, scepters?) in the fire. As Victoria’s bio on the ABC website notes, she is an entrepreneur who has thrown her hat (er, tiara?) in the health and beauty ring. One might even say that she has throne herself into the wellness industry. 

Victoria runs a company called Vikki Larson Beauty that offers services like a Health Coaching Session and detoxes, as well as products such as self-tanner and dry brushes. On the Vikki Larson Beauty website, Victoria shares that she got into “all things health and wellness in college at FSU” and decided to follow that passion. “My desire to help others and my education from Institute for Integrative Nutrition through NYU,” she writes. 

There's more to add to Victoria Larson's résumé

In addition to Vikki Larson Beauty, Queen Victoria also happens to have her very own spray tan service called JetSetGlo that is all about providing a quick and convenient sunless tanning experience. According to the company’s site, JetSetGlo uses “natural products” and pledges to have clients “glowing in 30 minutes or less in the luxury of your own home with no rush or back to back appointments.” She got into the mobile tanning booth industry because she is, as she explains on the Vikki Larson Beauty site, “obsessed with skin care and all things that add to longevity of life.”

But wait, there is more to her résumé. As Cosmopolitan noted, her Instagram account shows that she has worked as a flight attendant, gotten into the real estate game, and trained to become a Pilates instructor. A jack of all trades? More like a queen of all trades.

Victoria Larson competed to become a pageant queen

Queen Victoria is no stranger to competition. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, she posted on Instagram about trying out for the Miss California pageant. In one video that she shared on Instagram in January 2020, Victoria is seen walking across the pageant stage in a gown. According to The Pageant Buzz Instagram account, she was Miss Studio City 2020. Miss California USA 2020 was held on Jan. 26, 2020, and though she did not walk away with the crown, it seems like it was a positive experience.

The month prior, Victoria posted a portrait and opened up about her pageant platform, which is rooted in her personal experience. “To me, being confidently beautiful doesn’t come from physical appearance, but from mental clarity and spiritual peace,” she wrote. “I am so excited for Miss California USA and my platform of lobbying for stricter pharmaceutical laws after struggling with adderall addiction in my life. Meditation, spiritual healing, mindful movement, and self growth into self awareness has built me into being confidentially beautiful.” She went on to say that she is “honored to guide other young girls to being more confident through self love.”

Reality Steve dubbed Victoria Larson a 'villain'

After she secured not one, but two one-on-ones with Matt on night one of The Bachelor Season 25, it was clear that Queen Victoria would be a rather, uh, polarizing figure in the Bachelor Mansion  Resort. And sure enough, venerated Bachelor spoiler expert Reality Steve offered up a tidbit that suggests she probably doesn’t win over her fellow cast members. Without giving too much away about the season ahead, he made it pretty clear that this queen’s gambit rubbed a lot of people the wrong way right out the gate. (Now, if she brought Coco, her beloved Goldendoodle, instead of the crowns and what have you to the Bachelor Mansion Resort on night one, it’d probably be a different story.)

The day of the premiere, Reality Steve called Victoria the “early season villain” and “this season’s Corinne [Olympios].” He went on to note that while there could be viewers who “think she’s hilarious,” others “will find her performative and incredibly irritating thinking she’s better than everyone else.”

As for how long Queen Victoria’s reign on the show will last? Well, we will just have to wait and see. 

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