The Walking Dead fans convinced of Rick’s return after Carol exit unearth’s location clues

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As the final season of The Walking Dead comes to an end, AMC’s plans to expand the franchise have already been hindered following the departure of Melissa McBride, best known as hardened survivor Carol Peletier. Having left her co-star Norman Reedus to take on the project solo as Carol’s friend Daryl Dixon, some fans of the long-running horror drama have taken to Twitter, convinced her exit could mean the return of the show’s former lead.

Viewers are convinced the reason behind Melissa’s exit could be a clue to the return of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln).

An AMC spokesperson has confirmed: “Unfortunately, she is no longer able to participate in the previously announced spinoff focused on the Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier characters, which will be set and filmed in Europe this summer and premiere next year.

“Relocating to Europe became logistically untenable for Melissa at this time.”

Fans now think the spin-off’s European shoot could be in place to allow Andrew to return to the series after the English star moved back with his family in London.

Unfortunately, the filming requirements meant it wasn’t possible for Carol to return, but could fans see Rick battling the horde again for the first time since 2018?

Andrew is also slated to return in a trilogy of films centred on Rick, but the upcoming Daryl spin-off could be the perfect way to gradually bring him back to the franchise.

Twitter user @CatsTrustNoOne speculated: “Well it appears to have been her choice.

“Would be fantastic if filming was switched to Europe because Andrew Lincoln is going to be in it. That would also explain the lack of doing anything on the Rick Grimes movies.”

Updates from chief content officer and screenwriter Scott M Gimple have been few and far between since the films were first announced upon Rick’s departure in season nine.

Production was stalled by the coronavirus pandemic, but re-introducing Rick in one of several upcoming spin-offs could be the perfect way to build up hype for his feature film debut.

Braden Williams also speculated: “I bet you good money they moved filming to Europe because of Andrew Lincoln.

“I bet there will be multiple Rick-related things in that show because I think it’s gonna be a movie set-up.”

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And @lunes67713029 suggested: “Just a few thoughts from me… Maybe it’ll be a Daryl/Rick spinoff?

“With these ideas announced at the end of TWD Beyond? Maybe it’s also set during the 11C time warp? Many new possibilities. Sad anyway. But maybe…”

@carleen_cj agreed: “Maybe Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will be in this spin-off? Maybe not as Rick, or maybe so!

“Heck he disappeared with Jadis in the commonwealth so who knows, all I know is I’ll miss Carol but I love the s**t outta Norman (Daryl) so I’m happy for the spin off!! Can’t see life without TWD.”

Melissa still has a window open to return to the series, but after her unexpected exit Daryl will be in desperate need of a partner to help him through the wasteland.

@Alicia05021 added: “Officially manifesting spin-offs of Carol and Dog adventuring around New Mexico while Daryl looks for Rick in Europe.”

However, @OfficialIntoTWD argued: “I think this may have more to do with Daryl simply being the more universally recognisable & popular character of the two.

“Also, if it has anything to do with searching for Rick, Daryl has the greater motive. I can see them doing a Michonne-centric show, just not a Carol one.”

Nothing regarding Rick’s return is set in stone just yet, so fans will just have to wait until the end of The Walking Dead and the beginning of its new spin-offs to find out if he eventually makes an appearance.

The Walking Dead seasons 1-11 are available to watch on AMC in the USA and Disney+ in the UK.

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