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STU Carpenter fights for the custody of his granddaughter Eliza Woodrow this week after a horrific car crash.

Meanwhile, Aadi Alahan risks his life with Darren Vance as his affair is finally exposed in Coronation Street. Get the lowdown.

1. Darren's revenge

After a failed relationship with Summer Spellman, Aadi Alahan (played by Adam Hussain) left his love life on the back burner until it was clear he was developing feelings for Amy Barlow.

But as ITV viewers will recall, this teen romance didn't come to fruition as Stephanie Davis rocked up the cobbles earlier this year as Courtney Vance.

The wife of Dev Alahan's business partner Darren, Courtney seduced Aadi and, despite their age gap, the pair embarked on a steamy affair.

Courtney and Aadi are desperate to keep their romance under wraps as it could not only end her marriage but also jeopardise Dev's (Jimmi Harkishin) business plans.

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Unfortunately, no secret is ever truly safe in Weatherfield.

Coming up, having secured the Freshco deal, Darren (Ryan Early) books a meal to celebrate, suggesting Amy (Elle Mulvaney) partners Aadi.

Amy and Aadi quickly try to make excuses, leaving Darren and Dev bemused.

While Darren and Dev are completely oblivious to Aadi's affair with Courtney, Amy is well aware of their link as she has walked in on them mid-tryst earlier this year.

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When Dev refers to Aadi and Amy as a couple, Aadi’s quick to correct him and makes out he’s already seeing someone called Monica.

Little does Aadi know that Darren is slowly catching on.

Darren later confides in Dev that he and Courtney are having marriage problems and he suspects she’s having an affair as Amy listens in.

With the celebratory lunch underway, Amy warns Aadi that Darren knows Courtney is playing away.

When Dev reveals that Aadi’s got a new girlfriend, Darren, Courtney and Amy are all ears as he describes her as beautiful, funny and intelligent.

With Dev and Darren distracted, Aadi follows Courtney out where they share a kiss.

But Dev bumps into them and is gobsmacked to find his son in a passionate clinch with the boss’ wife.

Later on, Dev decides to take action after a conversation with Asha (Tanisha Gorey) about Courtney.

While Dev may try to convince Aadi to rethink his connection with the over-sexed trophy wife, Darren actor Ryan Early revealed his on-screen alter ego may be planning something big against the lad.

He explained that his marriage with Courtney may never be the same again as the pair will likely struggle to overcome her affair.

"Aadi just seems like such a sweet and innocent guy, which is one of the reasons why he made him his driver, he certainly never thought of him as some threat to his marriage," the actor told Digital Spy.

"It's almost like the perfect crime because he's not seeing it in front of him in Aadi or Dev, they just seem like genuinely nice new people in his life that he's enjoying bringing along for the ride and hopefully making some money for them."

"It's deeply humiliating and there's maybe no coming back from this because essentially it's the most toxic thing she can do in a relationship that already has a lot of toxicity. But she's pushed it now to a level that I'm not sure they can come back from."

He then warned viewers: "I think there's always a chance that Aadi could be in trouble."

According to Ryan, if Darren was to get revenge against Aadi, it could directly impact his career.

"I don't think Darren is violent, but there are other ways to get revenge on someone."

"He can certainly make sure that Aadi never earns a penny in business in the north of England, he can make things very, very hard for him.

"If Aadi is someone who's ambitious and wants to make his way in the world then Darren could be a huge problem."

What will Darren do?

2. Huge feud

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) is ready to put up a fight for his granddaughter Eliza (Savannah Kunyo).

The young girl has been trying to reconnect with her biological father Dom (Darren Morfitt) following her mother Bridget's incarceration for murder.

The Speed Daal chef has been finding it hard to watch Eliza bond with Dom as it could imply her leaving the cobbles to live with him.

But when Dom fails to show up to his next rendezvous with Eliza, leaving her devastated once again, Stu quickly suggests they get in the car to visit Bridget.

Heartbroken Eliza is uninterested, leading to Stu losing his temper and pointing out that if her father cared about her at all, he wouldn’t continually let her down.

Upset, Eliza dashes across the road where she’s knocked down by a car.

As the driver speeds away, Stu rushes to Eliza who clutches her arm.

In the hospital, Stu is forced to call Dom who arrives with a huge teddy in an attempt to earn Eliza's forgiveness.

As Stu and Dom trade insults, the former homeless man is crushed when Eliza asks him to leave.

Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) assures him that Eliza will eventually see her father for who he really is and when that happens, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

But when Eliza announces that she wants to go and live with her Dad, Stu’s gutted as Dom does his best to cover up his shock.

How will Dom respond?

This remains to be seen but things are due to quickly escalate when Stu receives a call from the school later on.

He finds out that Eliza failed to turn up this morning, he’s deeply concerned, believing she’d gone in early.

Stu arrives at Dom’s house and accuses him of kidnapping Eliza during the night.

Eliza explains that she ran away by herself and this is now her home.

Having been summoned by Stu, a social worker arrives with a police officer in tow, intent on talking to Eliza.

Felicity tells Stu that it’s best Eliza stays at Dom’s house for the time being.

Stu’s incensed and as the officer attempts to usher him away, he accidentally smacks him in the face.

Dom watches with satisfaction as Stu is arrested for assault. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Bill Fellows teased a brutal feud between his character and Dom – and a shocking discovery in upcoming weeks.

"He is going to go to huge lengths to try to discredit Dom, and he will find out something about Dom which he is so shocked by and he feels it can be something he can use as leverage. It's going to get worse, those bad feelings between them will continue and it's an interesting time."

"Stu wants to think the worst of him and discredit him, but Stu is a good judge of character."

"If Dom was coming in as a well-meaning man who had done well for himself and wanted to be involved in shared parenting, Stu wouldn't be against it. He's a good judge of character and so he has seen something there."

How far will Stu go to stop Dom from snatching Eliza?


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3. Serial killer death

As drama continues to unfold, Stephen Reid roams free in the cobbles, ready to prey on another victim.

However, actor Todd Boyce's exit could be aired in a matter of weeks as he was cast in a pantomime production of Mother Goose at Derby Arena.

Walls are closing in on his serial killer alter-ego on our screens, with Carla Connor (Alison King) figuring out she was spiked with LSD and her husband Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) becoming increasingly suspicious of him.

But his downfall is due any minute as snaps of the Bailey brothers, Ed and Ronnie, making a macabre discovery have recently circulated.

Peter actor Chris Gascoyne us also set for his own departure from Weatherfield, prompting many fans to theorise he could flee as a result of one final confrontation with Stephen.

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Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm.

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