Violet Owen age: How old is Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen’s daughter?

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Our Yorkshire Farm is a Channel 5 favourite and Amanda Owen’s family returns this weekend in a repeat episode. The episode is set during breeding season, which provides some valuable lessons for Violet. has all you need to know about how old Violet is.

How old is Violet Owen?

The down-to-earth Owen family is what makes Our Yorkshire Farm such a huge success, with viewers eager to watch the Owen children grow up on screen.

The nine siblings are all prepared to get stuck in at Ravenseat and they are all eager to learn new things about farming life.

For the children, the best part is they have plenty of fun places to play and explore with one another.

Violet is the third-oldest sister of the pack and the fifth-oldest overall.

As of February 2022, she was 11 years old but her exact birth date is not known.

Violet is often seen as the tomboy of the family, who is keen to teach her younger siblings how to get stuck in.

She is also known to take the reins when it comes to teaching the farm animals some manners.

In season four, she tried to teach Ciara the cheeky resident cow to not eat socks.

She helped feed and raise Ciara after her mother contracted an udder infection and spends a lot of her free time caring for the cow.

Violet said: “I think she doesn’t even know she’s a cow, she thinks she’s a person like us, I don’t think she knows what a cow is.

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“She’s grown up with all of us, we visit her literally every morning and every night, so she’s used to us.

“And she comes into the house a lot. She’s probably in her whole life eaten about 20 pieces of clothing.”

But it is not just the animals she offers guidance to, as she offered her younger sister Clemmie advice before she started school.

In November 2021, Clive Owen reminisced about bringing Violet home from the hospital after she was born.

In an episode of Our Yorkshire Farm that was filmed over the summer, the family celebrated Violet’s birthday.

They threw a surprise party for her at the farm and she was given a cake with candles. She was also taken on a trip to town as a treat for her special day.

Clive said: “Violet was born in hospital, I can always remember going there to take her home, and they wouldn’t let me take her home because she hadn’t had her ears checked.

“And I always said there was absolutely no need because you could see she was absolutely perfect, and of course, Violet was perfect and we came home.

“And she’s listened to me ever since,” he joked as Violet claimed she could not hear him.

As for the other siblings, Raven is the eldest at 21 years old.

Son Reuben is 18, Miles, 15, Edith, 13, Sidney, 10, Annas, eight, Clemmie, six, and Nancy, five.

Viewers are wondering when they will see the Owen family back in action with a new series on Channel 5.

A release date for a new series has not been given, but fans can keep up to date via Amanda’s social media accounts.

Her latest post was a photo of three of her daughters having a picnic breakfast in the sun.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs on Saturdays on Channel 5.

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