Virgin River blunder: Fans expose ‘forgotten’ Jack feature in season 3 ‘Dealing with PTSD’

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Fans of Virgin River were excited to see the romantic drama had returned for season three after a heartbreaking season finale. However, the Netflix streamers have highlighted a huge plot hole from Jack Sheridan’s (played by Martin Henderson) storyline.

Virgin River follows the life of nurse practitioner Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe who relocated to the small town from Los Angeles for a fresh start.

There she met Jack, a former marine who is now the owner of the local bar and the two fell in love.

In season two things escalated for the couple after it was revealed that his ex-girlfriend Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) was pregnant with his twins.

Fans were left on the edge of their seats during the season finale when Mel found her boyfriend bleeding to death on the floor of his bar.

With the latest season viewers were looking forward to finding out about Jack’s fate, but instead were left asking more questions.

Season three showed Mel wanting to take their relationship to the next level and try for a child, however, viewers were questioning her intentions, considering the fact that his ex had just given birth to his kids.

A fan took to Reddit to raise their concerns and said: “Poor guy has unplanned twins on the way with a woman he doesn’t love and who wants to take his unborn children away from him and all Mel can think about is having MORE kids!”

“Can you imagine supporting two families OR worse not being in the twins’ lives because he went and started a new family? At least let them be born and give him a year or two before asking him to have more children,” they added.

As well as his difficult custody battle with Charmaine, Jack also had to deal with his home burning down.

In episode two of season three, viewers were expecting to be piecing together the clues to find Jack’s unidentified shooter but were left trying to solve another mystery.

While trying to recover from his injuries the ex-marine discovered his cabin was burning to a crisp.

Although authorities claimed there was no foul play involved, the town’s doctor Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins (Tim Matheson) raised concerns about the state of his mental health.

Throughout the series, the state of Jack’s mental health was worrying as he had previously experienced ongoing flashbacks from his time in the armed forces.

However, a fan noticed that this key feature from his life wasn’t seen or mentioned in season three and took to Reddit to expose this.

In response to the post about Mel wanting a baby, a viewer wrote: “The last thing Jack and Mel need is a baby, they have plenty of story without it, including dealing with Jack’s PTSD.

“Instead of dealing with it in a meaningful way, the writers are about to give the guy with PTSD three infants,” they added.

Another fan agreed: “Oh yeah, forgot about the flashbacks, they straight up forgot about them, not only that, shouldn’t he be more traumatized from being shot?

The viewer questioned: “Why is the show about babies and not about all of this?”

Perhaps showrunners will finally give Jack a resolution to all his problems in the next season of Virgin River.

All episodes of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix.

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