Virgin River season 4 release: Alexandra Breckenridge shares major filming update ‘Wrap!’

Virgin River: Alexandra Breckenridge reveals she’s finished filming

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Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) will be back for the hotly-anticipated fourth season of Netflix’s Virgin River as fans eagerly await to see what lies ahead for their turbulent romance. Following the third season’s release back in July 2021, the pair is at a crossroads following Jack’s proposal rejection and Mel’s pregnancy bombshell. However, their story isn’t the only one that needs addressing in season four and thanks to Breckenridge’s latest Instagram update, it sounds like new episodes could be well on their way.

It is worth noting Virgin River bosses and Netflix are yet to announce when exactly the fourth run will drop on the streaming service.

But taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Breckenridge gave fans fresh hope a release date is right around the corner. 

Sharing a video from the set of the Netflix drama, Breckenridge confirmed she had filmed all of her Mel scenes for the upcoming season.

With the classic rock song ‘The Final Countdown’ blaring over the top, Breckenridge showed off her time card from the show.

And the Virgin river star captioned the clip: “That’s a wrap!!!!!!

“Season 4 Virgin River complete for me… For those that don’t know ‘WF’ means ‘work finished’.”

Poking fun at the quality of the clip, Breckenridge jokingly concluded: “Camera skills in the car need some improvement!”

However, while filming may be complete for Mel’s scenes, the use of “for me…” may suggest there is still some work to be done for other stars.

Of course, the show will then enter post-production and editing once filming is complete.

There was an 11-month wait between seasons one and two, and only nine months between seasons two and three.

If season four is released in a similar time frame, Virgin River fans may be able to expect new episodes between May and August 2022.

In the meantime, fans have been scouring the stars’ social media for any clues as to what lies ahead – and Brady star Benjamin Hollingsworth almost dropped a big giveaway in a recent stream.

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Virgin River's Ben Hollingsworth almost gives away spoiler

Hollingsworth has played the troublesome Brady since the pilot and heading into the fourth season, he looks set for a period behind bars for the attempted murder of Jack.

Cop Mike (Marco Grazzini) found the gun used in Brady’s car in the season three finale, throwing his romance with Brie (Zibby Allen) into doubt as he protested his innocence.

However, in a recent Instagram Live, Hollingsworth and Allen gave fans a message from the set of season four.

But as Hollingsworth turned the camera, Allen had to step in to warn him not to give anything away.

Outside the set of a movie theatre, Hollingsworth turned the camera before quickly correcting himself: “Can’t show you that!”

“Don’t give away secrets, Ben,” Allen can be heard warning but as Hollingsworth tried to give fans a peek again, she interjected: “Don’t give away secrets!”

He then teased that the scene the pair had just shot was “very Brie-dy” – so what could lie ahead for the pair’s relationship?

There’s also a number of unanswered questions surrounding Preacher’s (Colin Lawrence) safety, Doc’s (Tim Matheson) health and Paige’s (Lexa Doig) whereabouts – but fans will have to wait until season four arrives to find out.

Virgin River seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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