What is Mark Ruffalo's net worth?

MARK Ruffalo has had a number of roles in his 25+ year acting career, most notably his role as the Incredible Hulk in Marvel's Avengers.

During his career, Ruffalo has been nominated for an Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar for his worksalongside other movie stars.

What is Mark Ruffalo's net worth?

During his acclaimed career, Ruffalo has been able to accumulate a net worth of approximately $35million.

Some of that is surely due to the success of the Marvel cinematic universe, which made over $22billion.

In the Marvel movies, Ruffalo has been a key character, the Incredible Hulk, since 2012.

Ruffalo appeared in seven total Marvel films, starring in five of them and making cameos in the last two.

The Marvel movies garnered Ruffalo critical acclaim as well as fan popularity, but he has been well known for his film work far before 2012.

Ruffalo's first breakout performance was in You Can Count On Me, where he won several awards.

He also went on to star in indie cult-classic The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

In the mid 2000's Ruffalo had a phase in starring in romantic leads, most notably in 13 going on 30 alongside Jennifer Gardner.

Ruffalo also went in to star in the thriller Zodiac, alongside A-listers Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr.

Ruffalo, who was attended Catholic schools as a young kid, also starred in Spotlight, a movie about the true story of the Catholic Church's sex scandal.

Before coming to the silver screen, Ruffalo spent year working in the theater — writing, directing and acting.

Amongst other notable films, Ruffalo has appeared in movies such as the Kids Are All Right and Foxcatcher.

Ruffalo has been very outspoken about his political views, often taking to Twitter to share them.

A staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights, Ruffalo is also pro-choice and has advocated for equal rights.

In the famed 2016 election of Donald Trump, Ruffalo appeared on the Stephen Colbert show and publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders.

One of Ruffalo's most outspoken issues has been on the topic of fracking and other natural energy sources.

This is partially due to his family land in Callicoon, New York, which Ruffalo claimed was being targeted by fracking companies in 2008.

Since then Ruffalo has gone to appear on talk shows talking about fracking legislation.

He's also organized screening of documentaries on natural gas drilling as well as renewable energy.

Ruffalo has also bee recently vocal condemning asymmetrical warfare against Palestinians.

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