White Christmas star’s singing voice was snubbed – dubbed over by unseen singer

Bing Crosby performs ‘White Christmas’ live in 1968

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When Bing and Danny released White Christmas in 1954 it was an instant hit. The jovial yet charming journey of two entertainers falling in love with a pair of sisters while doing right by their army general thrilled audiences. Its success brought in a staggering $12 million at the box office (equal to $116 in 2020). But one of the performers they worked with was dubbed over for the entire film.

Bing and Danny were joined by legendary singer Rosemary Clooney and iconic dancer Vera-Ellen.

The pair played the Haynes sisters; up and coming performers looking to make their name in the entertainment world.

The quartet eventually fell in love on screen, with Bing and Rosemary partnering up and Danny and Vera-Ellen pranced through the movie’s sets.

While Rosemary was more than capable of singing her own tunes throughout the picture, it was another story for Vera-Ellen.

The American actress had all of her singing parts overdubbed by someone else behind the scenes.

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Most of Vera-Ellen’s singing parts were overdubbed by singer Trudy Stevens. Not a lot is known about Trudy other than that she sang in the films White Christmas, Pal Joey and The Corpse Came C.O.D. Trudy wasn’t the only person to take on Vera-Ellen’s singing parts. Rosemary reportedly sang both parts of the Haynes sisters’ feature track Sisters.

So when both sisters were performing to Bing and Danny, it was really Rosemary Clooney’s voice twice over.

There is a moment where Vera-Ellen’s voice is being used, however.

When the quartet board the train to Vermont they wax lyrical about snow, before launching into the song Snow.

This is the only time Vera-Ellen’s real singing voice can be heard in the movie.

White Christmas was a joint effort from Bing and his composer, Irving Berlin.

The song had already been written, recorded and performed in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, but Berlin convinced Paramount to write an entire film about it.

The company put up the $2 million needed for the film and only took 30 percent of the box office.

White Christmas is available to stream on Netflix now.


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