Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?: Hugh Laurie unveils major Agatha Christie theory

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?: Trailer for Agatha Christie series

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Britbox’s hit series Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? premiered in April, and is based on the book written by Agatha Christie. However, in a new interview, director Hugh Laurie has shared his thoughts and theories about the series that may have inspired the legendary author. 

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? was also the title of Agatha Christie’s 1934 novel. 

The book was such a success and was met with great reviews from acclaimed critics, with some comparing the story to Poirot. 

Hugh’s 2022 adaptation wasn’t the first time the book hit the big screens. 

In 1970, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? first premiered and it changed the course of history for whodunnits on TV. 

The novel’s first TV adaptation was directed by John Davies and Tony Wharmby. It also starred Fawlty Towers actress Connie Booth, who played Sylvia Bassington-ffrench.

During an interview, showrunner Hugh opened up about the major theory he believed could have inspired Agatha Christie to write the murder mystery. 

He stated: “I have a theory about this book, but I’ve got no evidence for the theory, but I cling to it. 

“Agatha Christie wrote this book the year after Dashiell Hammett published The Thin Man, which immediately made it to film where William Powell and Myra Loy were just sublime, I mean unmatchable [a] sort of comic, romantic couple.”

Hugh explained: “I can’t believe she (Agatha Christie) hadn’t read the book The Thin Man or seen the film or both, I just can’t believe it.

“I think all these guys they all read each other all the time because they’ve got to know what the competition’s doing, what the landscape is, what do people like, what they don’t like,” he said to Deadline.

“And I think she set up, to do something that had that sort of flirtatious but joyful spirit to it.

 “I felt entitled to sort of use a bit of that as the model for work for what Agatha Christie was heading for because I think she did that herself, that’s my theory.”

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Hugh continued: “I felt entitled to sort of use a bit of that as the model for work for what Agatha Christie was heading for because I think she did that herself, that’s my theory.

“I really have no evidence for it and I don’t really want evidence because if it turns out it’s not true I’ll be very disappointed,” he concluded. 

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Followed the mysterious adventure of Bobby Jones (played by Will Poulter) as he stumbled across the body of a dying man. 

Using his last breath, the man asked Bobby, a cryptic question which set off his investigation: ”Why didn’t they ask Evans?” 

Alongside his friends Frankie Derwents (Lucy Boynton) the pair travelled across England and Wales to investigate the crime. 

Even after the police inquiry, Bobby felt uneasy and was certain there was foul play which led the fallen man to his death. 

Throughout their journey, the friends were faced with a shocking number of revelations to do with deceit, betrayal, and murder.

They had also decided to use dubious pretences to gain access to a number of establishments so they could keep their identity secret. 

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Is available on Britbox

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