Arthur Labinjo Hughes's tearful gran says killers will 'burn in hell' & says tragic boy must've felt 'impending doom'

ARTHUR Labinjo-Hughes's tearful grandmother has said the little boy's evil killers will "burn in hell".

Heartbroken Madeleine Halcrow paid tribute on GMB to her "sunny delight" six-year-old grandson, who was killed by his evil step-mum and dad in June last year.

Vile couple Emma Tustin, 32, and dad Thomas Hughes, 29, were jailed on Friday for a total of 50 years.

Madeleine told Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis that terrified Arthur must have had a "sense of impending doom" – and that he started crying when Hughes picked him up with Tustin in the car.

The brave maternal gran said her daughter Olivia called Arthur her "baby bear".

Madeleine revealed how she last saw Arthur on her birthday in October, 2019 – but he had "lost the sparkle in his eyes".

She said: "His dad come to pick him up. Arthur said to his dad, "is she in the car?" And his dad said yes and Arthur started to cry.

"I am assuming it was Emma. He said, "Grandma can I stay with you?"

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"He was due to see his mother the following week and he was so excited.

"And then on 23 October out of the blue I received a Whatsapp message from his dad saying "you're never seeing him again. He's not seeing his mother again".

"That was the last time I saw him until intensive care."

Later, she told Susanna Reid and Martin Lewis: "For a child to say to his own dad, "I'm in danger with you, daddy, you are going to kill me".

"There's something wrong there. Arthur was very intuitive and he must have had this sense of impending doom that something was going to happen to him."

For a child to say to his own dad, 'I'm in danger with you, daddy, you are going to kill me', there's something wrong there

Monster couple Tustin and Hughes inflicted horrendous pain on defenceless Arthur, beating him and poisoning him with salt.

Arthur was found with 125 areas of bruising on his body after he after he died from brain injuries last June.

It came as pictures emerged of the twisted couple smiling and lounging in a hot-tub, while the terrified youngster was forced to stand for hours in a hallway.

The grinning killers cooled down in last year’s spring heatwave as Arthur was left roasting in a fluffy onesie.

Boris Johnson has vowed to bring in a new “Arthur’s Law” so evil child killers will die behind bars as The Sunlaunched a Justice for Arthur campaign.


The Prime Minister told The Sun: “Anyone who plans then carries out the murder of a child should never be released from prison."

Tustin was jailed for life, with a minimum of 29 years, and Hughes could be out after just two-thirds of his 21-year sentence for manslaughter.

Madeleine insisted "life should mean life" after her grandson's depraved killers were locked up.

She added: "They took Arthur's life and he is not going to get his life back, he is not going to have children of his own.

"They took him from my daughter, There was no remorse, no sympathy shown. Absolutely depraved, sadistic, torturous evil, calculating people.

"They will burn in hell, if they get there first."

Madeline fought back tears as she revealed how Arthur's paternal grandparents showed her photos of bruises on his body.

She said: "The most disturbing thing to me. There are new bruises on top of old which tells me this has been going on.

There was no remorse, no sympathy shown. absolutely depraved, sadistic, torturous evil, calculating people

"There were yellow bruises, purple bruises all over. I just imagine the pain Arthur would have been in receiving those bruises".

Susanna, 50, was seen breaking down as Madeleine discussed the bruises she'd seen on Arthur ahead of his murder.

The government has launched the major review into the circumstances leading up to Arthur's death to determine what improvements need to be made by the agencies that came into contact with him in the months before he died.

Madeleine called social services and the police, but says she was told they "didn't find anything untoward".

Madeleine said she is "angry" at the inter agencies response "because somewhere along the line communication hasn't been passed along."

She added: "Something is broken in this system and something needs fixing."

Peter Halcrow, Arthur's maternal grandfather, said warnings were issued by the little boy's paternal grandparents, by whom he was "well loved and well looked after".

He added: "I can't understand why something wasn't done about it.

"I don't know who runs Solihull social services or who went round to the house, because they were called and they must have had a snapshot of the house, and they must have felt everything was fine.

"There's been phone calls made to West Midlands Police as well, which were not acted on. It's a tough one, when you hear the kind of abuse the boy was going through."

Madeline also told GMB how Christmas presents she left for Arthur on the porch were left under the bed and never given to him by Tustin and Hughes.

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